You will achieve complete sales success one you have a ….

You’re a sales professional once you have a…

‘Client consultation to enrollment process’

It’s so interesting to see how many people who are responsible for selling products and services every single day, have and don’t use or, don’t even know exists and obviously don’t use, which is what I call your, *client consultation to enrollment process*.

I was working with a client who has a considerable accounting service practice in Brisbane and has been inadvertently selling to his clients for over 25 years.

And when I introduced him to the *client consultation to enrollment process*, he said…

‘Trevor this is almost unbelievable, I have been doing my thing working with clients for all these years and I never even new you could model a sales consultation process’.

He went on to tell me that, what he got from having this process presented to him changes everything and he got to see the small area he does well and then about 90% what he should be doing to be more effective in how he should be consulting to clients but just didn’t know existed and how.

As I write this book, I was just notified by this client that he just came out of a client meeting after using this process and he has been given the go ahead by the client to provide them with many other additional services, which I estimate could be in access of $300K in new revenue for the practice.

So the question is, ‘is it worth the work of learning and doing’?
Gezz I hope you would be saying, YES YES YES!

I would like to give a very big thank you to a good friend, and one of my mentors and coaches, Mr Nick Allan. Nick was my coach and mentor when I had a CBI Business Partners coaching franchise for which Nick was the Franchisor.

Nick taught me this *client consultation to enrollment process* and taking the time to master its magical client interaction and enrollment powers, I am forever grateful! Thank you Nick.

I have also gone on to study Mr Frank Kern who uses a very similar process in how he enrolls his clients and Frank, demands upwards of $10,000 per month per client and using this type or process, made over $400,000 in one month. Pretty cool, hey? It works if you work it!

Now, I hope you can remember through various stages in this book, you’ve heard me mention the *client consultation to enrollment process* which is simply because of its extreme importance to be able to skilfully and effectively take your customers and clients on a journey to want to enroll with your company and buy your products and services.

To unpack this process so you too can experience the joy and wonder of leaving a consultation or presentation with the agreement in your hand, here is a simple diagram of how this client enrollment process works.

I promise you if you take the time to learn and master this fine art of communicating, as it has changed my life and many of my clients, it will change your life forever!

Client consultation process to enrollment diagrammed

As the heading says, this is a consulting, presentation and way to enrol and sell clients that they never teach you at university. That was my experience anyway, you decide for yourself.


Looking at this diagram what do you see? You see

Firstly I would request while I go through this process with you, have a think about the box on the left side and % marked.
Then think about how much you do or don’t do this as part of your consulting and presenting / sales process.

This is not to make you bad or wrong by any means, what it’s designed to do is highly how you can improve. And following this process, oh will you improve!

It is extremely important you get this mindset shift to master this process. You are the professional, you are there to find out, help and lead them to where is most beneficial to your clients needs and wants.

They are not the expert and it’s not their role to direct you. They came to you for help and direction and this is why you’re. Get it!

Let’s take a look at what is going on here.

The Frame Up

Who you are, intention for the meeting or presentation, the value you want them to get from the meeting.

This is where you get to present who you are in a quick and concise manner, because you want to move on as quickly as possible to your client or audiences needs wants and desires.

At the same type you want to get them to feel safe and comfortable with them and have you been seen as present to being with them and that you are professional and the right person to be talking with them.

So very quickly, your role and very importantly your intention for what you would like them to gain from them committing time to talk and meet with you.

And as it generally happens you can be and will be connecting at the same time.
The Connection

Confirm it’s nice to meet them and to have them feel connected and relaxed and disarmed so you can be open and work together.

This is where you get to build rapport and connect with your client and to have them feel relaxed, safe and disarmed so you can speak openly and honestly and find out how you can best support, help and serve and fulfil on what they may want or and need in relation to the products and services you represent.

It is critical that you must have them disarmed and have their body language present they are open and ready to share, or this meeting, talk, consultation and presentation will be a waste of everyone’s time.

I will share with you how to do this in the coming *client consultation to enrol process* script example.

The Exploration

In relation to your products and services, opening up and exploring and finding out what their needs, wants and frustrations are and ideal outcomes they would like to have and achieve.

This is where you take some time to find out why they are there talking with you, what sparked their interest, what could they want and need and what could be their frustrations and pain that you can assist them in providing solutions to with relation to your products and services?
The Creation

From your exploration, introduce and open the door to make your suggestions and recommendations with your products and services that will help them.
Provide proof of what you can do for them and the value in which your products and services will provide them.

Have you noticed it’s not until this 4th area that you are talking about what YOU do?
To be a true consulting and enrollment / sales professional, you must seek to connect and understand before being understood.

It’s only here at this point of the *consultation to enroll process* that you go about discussing and presenting and advising as to how you may be able to assist them in bringing them value and benefits in relation to your products and services.

And doing this so beautifully and professionally by showing them examples and proof of how you have done this for other clients, people and businesses.

The Resolve & Confirming

Confirm and resolve that what they would like and that you provide is a fit and match for both parties, which is you and the clients.

This is the most forgotten and most important area of your consultation process, which is to discuss and gain mutual agreement that what they want and what you provide is a match and is going to provide them with the value and results and feelings they want to experience by investing in your products and services.

This is also where any objections and concerns that come up can be addressed and hopefully cleared up. To resolve and confirm worries and doubts so you all parties can move to a mutual agreement.

The Engagement

Agreement on the terms that work for everyone, the money involved and asking and having them agree and confirming and booking in any times, details and dates etc involved.

This is where you ask and gain agreement and get engaged to the client. The sales and all it’s terms have been approved by the client and or parties involved and you have professionally and confidently enrolled with success.

This is also where you confirm with the client that you are so pleased to be of service to them and if the relationship and engagement just started here, that you confirm you are committed to them and will do your best to work hard for them and be of service and support to them and their needs.

Why? Because you want to make sure you client or clients leave feeling safe and secure in the fact that they have make the right decision in buying from, investing and using you and your products and services.

Then post meeting or presentation that you do what you said you will do whatever that is.

And that you are your word and that you are of integrity and honour in how you and your business or enterprise conduct itself.

In Summary

Now just from that basic introduction to the *client consultation to enroll process*, how do you far?

Could it be bringing up thoughts of:

‘Yeap that is how I do things or something similar and is why I am the success I am?’

Or could it be…

‘Wow, I’ve got some work to do and how the hell am I ever going to even have time to communicate in that way?’

Or something like that? Lol

Well if you have the backside of your pants hanging out because you have money stress, can’t afford to buy new pants, or have way too much month left at the end of your month.

Then you’re going to need to make the time, true or true?

Making it easier for you

What I’ll now do is give you an actual *client consultation to enrollment* script so you can see how it works in action.

You will get to see the way it which it is structured and worded so you can take the frame work and apply to your own product and service offering.

I promise you, to do this most important work, you will be rewarding with not only more clients and sales. You will be rewarded with a skill and feeling of such joy and happiness, your life will never be the same.

Client consultation to enrollment script structure

What I will do is use the accounting practice script so you can see it in action here and if you’re accountant reading this; well you are in the right place.

Set the intention of the consultation

It’s frame work is based on meeting with an existing client with the intention of gaining agreement from suggesting and advising other useful and valuable services the client can use.

Note: Quite often you will find that the connection and frame up of the meeting is very closely aligned and quite often crosses over each other.

Priority 1: though with this process is to always state your intentions for the consultation / meeting and the intended value to your client or customer.

Frame script

Hello David, nice to see you again. How are you, it’s been too long between visits.
As we discussed over the phone I appreciate your time and the opportunity for us to review your tax, accounting and make sure we have got everything in order for you.

We’ve also been reviewing the various challenges and points we have discussed in the past and have realized we might be able to help you in some other ways to make the management and performance of your business so much more successful and profitable.

Would it be ok to run our ideas by you?

Connection script

Oh before we start, I’ve noticed Ben was in the paper and is also now manager of the warehouse division, how is that all going for him?
General chit chat chit chat.

Let’s get started then shall we?


1. First point of business

So we have gone through your list of requirements for to prepare for your EFY 2014 tax preparation. Can I just run through a list of items we need and make some suggestions that will help in this this and this area?

Do whatever needs to be done as the first point of business.

2. Build, exploration and confirm their other needs and frustrations

David, as I said early, reviewing your business, may I ask, how are you going with the matters of payroll and the stress you had around you management issues?

Back and forth discussion and question asking

What ever comes from this discuss, just respond with answers such as.
Yes, I can understand this would be frustrating or important to you.

And I can see you’re %s are out with wages and operating costs.
Just so I’m clear on what is going on, you’ve got issues with that and that and there is a need to fix all that and that.
Does this sound right?

Back and forth discussion and question asking

Creation Time

Pre prepared document, outlining services and associated benefits

David, from what you’ve told me here and taking into consideration and doing some pre planning, can I show you what I’ve put together which may be of help to you here?

Firstly, with the intention to make your life easier and help you in the business,
We are suggesting we can help you by running your quarterly board meetings and we can also take over your book keeping and auditing work.

Which again is really going to free you up and give you the time you need to focus on the business and also get those Wednesday golf games in.

Would that be of help to you?

I would also like to suggest that we can run an R&D program which is going to give you a 30% rebate back from the government.

Resolve and confirm

We have also done some estimates and I’m thinking your going to save about this in $$ and saving this in hours per week doing it yourself.

From what I’ve outlined could we be the ones to help you with all of this? Wonderful

From what we have discussed, I am clear we have a match here for what you need.

David, I am really confident this is going to give you a lot more time and also have you make so much more money while you can save time in all these areas you don’t need to worry about any longer.

Enroll and engage

Are we ok to proceed to the next stage with these new services will be doing for you?
In relation to the services fees to support you in these other areas, I suggest we can do it

1. This way, or
2. We can do it this way…

Which way would work better for you?

A yes response with questions is about clarify, adjusting and refining.

Discuss, clarity questions, and then ask, so shall we do it this way?

A concerned to not sure etc, response. Keep going! Do the works to find a mutually beneficial starting point

Can you see the value in what we want to do here for you?

Discuss, clarity questions and work towards a solution.

How about we do this this and this as a start and we can do this part later?

Yes? Ok so shall we prepare up a break down so we can proceed to the getting starting on these for you?

Work to support and serve the client and gain agreement.

Once agreement has been made – (reassure the client)
Very good! I am pleased to be working with on these new areas.

What will happen from here is Ill have Michelle and Susan organise the break down and timelines for you and we will also make sure we set up the first payment option as we discussed.

Summary of important points to remember

  1. Prepare yourself well mentally
  2. See yourself achieving a successful outcome
  3. Be clear with yourself with what you want to achieve
  4. Give yourself plenty of time to be with the client
  5. Work to be there for them and find their needs
  6. Discover together the value you can bring to them
  7. Use the power of questions
  8. Confirm you have a match for what they want and what you can deliver
  9. Gain an agreement
  10. Stay with them if they have concerns and work through them
  11. Do your best to create value and find a start, however that is
  12. Be flexible

As you can read and gather from this style of communication, it’s a beautiful process that really has you firstly understand what your customers needs are and get to know them first.

Whether its directly related to your products and services, you must take your time to get to know them and understand them, and only then can you go towards explaining and working with them to see how your product and service can assist them.

Ok, take a nice deep breath and smile, you’ve done well here.

Let’s continue on shall we?

To your sales success!

Trevor Russell


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