Writing a book is the way

It’s really interesting to see and experience what happens when you tell and
show people you have written a book.

I just completed my book How to Double Your Sales in 90 Days or Less and
self published it. www.trevorrussell.com.au

Students attending the profitable sales speaker summit

Students attending the profitable sales speaker summit

Here I am holding my new published sales book with the super people who attended my Profitable Sales Speaker Summit.
To see them reviewing the book, asking how did I write it and what a great accomplishment it has been. Well it was simply wonderful!

Ok so what’s the intention of this BLOG post?
Well it’s to advise you, to write a book.


  1. Because for me, I learnt more from writing a book at my topic area than ever just reading about it.
  2. The discipline of writing and completing a project is such a great way to improve your confidence and self belief.
  3. And the doors it opens by being able to show, send and discuss your book, well it just adds so much more credibility.

How do you do it?

  1. Put down a draft idea of a heading
  2. Come up with 7 to 12 chapter titles – don’t think too hard about them
  3. And start writing each chapter
  4. Keep writing everyday – a little every day is better than lots in say 1 day ever week or month
  5. Keep going and add, delete and adjust and you will end up writing a book
  6. Go to Elance and get a designer to do your cover and get an expert in setting books up on say LuLu so you can self publish your book
  7. And keep going and don’t stop until you get it done!

Well I wish you ever success with writing your book and if you want to ask me any questions, send me and email and Ill see if I can help you.

To your success

Trevor Russell

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