What does the word 'Sales' really mean?

Hi Business Superhero,

So if you’re curious, what does the word ‘sales’ really means?

If you truly want to lift your cash flow and sales results and be outstanding in this market in this day and age, if you haven’t already gotten this, you must get clear on what sales really is for you and your team and your companies financial successful future.

You need to ask yourself these questions

1. Are you in the business of serving people, you call customers or clients?
2. Are you real, sincere and of true service to them?
3. You’re acknowledging them, building a relationship with them and love them?
4. And you’re under pining these ways of being by revisiting and adopting and aiming to do your absolute unreasonable best to embody the fundamental principles of relationship building and sales success disciplines and principles?

Now you might be saying, ‘what are you talking about Trevor, of course I know what sales really means and we know we are in the in business of serving people, being sincere, building relationships, closing the sales strongly and consistently.’

And (maybe not you) but to most I would say to people in business… is
‘BS’ you are!

  • You might be good at following the fundamental disciplines that have you be a solid successful sales person or sales team, or not!
  • You might be very good at marketing and getting the phone to ring, gain enquires from your website and gets the sale, or not!
  • You and your team might be smooth as silk in doing your presentations to have your customers buy that home from you, or not!
  • You could be great at having them get to your beautiful online or offline store to buy, or not.

But what we are talking about here is really smashing your sales figures through the roof and making massive changes to your sales and results.

How about doubling your sales in 90 days or less, and with this goal in mind…

Are you really serving people, being real and honest, focused on acknowledging and building relationships with them backed with, high energy and sales focused actions and disciplines?

Here’s what I’m talking about.

Write yes or no and assess your total answer

Highest Level Client Relationship, Connection, Servicing Actions            YES/NO

Do you and your sales team talk with customers sincerely and honestly and skilled, trained and focused on really finding out their needs and know how to influence them to make a buying decision?

Then, do you follow them up after purchase, re-book them to come back and make another purchases?

Are you consistent and invite them and their friends in for customer gratitude days to connect and thank them for their investment into your company?

Do you run education nights to connect educate and highlight new products and services you’re now selling? And most importantly say thank you?

Are you using a service to send your clients thank you cards and or gifts as a sign of gratitude for being valued client, year in and year out?

Do you call them and invite them back and to come back time and again with special offers, as it’s been awhile since you have serviced them and so you reward them for making the effort to come in?

Do you go through your list of customers with your staff/team and talk about each of them, who they are and how you can offer them a service to build a better relationships & continue to grow your sales?

Total Yes?    ________  (3 or more yeses, you’re in the top 3% of businesses)

Total No’s?  ________ (3 or more no’s puts you into the 97% of businesses)

How was that little exercise?
Does it have you feel satisfied and at peace or thinking, S&*T, I’ve got some changes to make?

The chances are the later!

And again, are you following fundamental highly results focused selling skills disciplines, supported by super customer relationship building and acknowledgement and repeat transacting strategies which will supercharge your sales figures and profits?

Why do I ask? Because as you can see by doing the above exercise, 97% of people in business are way under what they need and want to be making in sales to be profitable, paid up and happy.

I call it the space between, shifting from frustration to freedom.

This is where your profits or cream lives, the sweet spot of business and company success.

Sadly, next to know one is doing it; most are ok at getting a customer in and putting all their focus and commitment into that one sale. But very few have got the awareness, skill and discipline and motivation to do the after sales sincere relationship building skills to continue to be of service and sell to existing customers.
To be superior in sales and marketing that has them be a 3%er!

Oh sure you might sign up for a news letter or a discount voucher club. Then you get a generic broadcast email or text telling you a special discount is on.

“Boo Hoo! In this economic time, in this market place, if you want super success in your sales, business or corporation, you’ve got to get up and do some things differently to the 97%! You have got to dare to be unreasonable and stand out from the mediocre!”

I’ve seen it! You can have no website, poor management skills, hopeless systems, and be under resourced and still succeed in being successful with high sales and profitable.


Because the people achieving these results are focused on being great at building relationships with their customers, they’re on the floor selling, they’re out doing presentations, they’re picking up the phone and connecting and getting their customers in again and again and they are master of supersonic sales skills.

“They push past laziness, they’re sober, they don’t let the little monkey voice of fear ‘oh what will they think of me’, stop them!”

I have personally experienced in my own businesses and observed in other businesses, that success coming from being able to build high quality long term connection and relationships and by having these clients come back time and again.

I take it that if you’re reading this book on how to raise your sales, increase your cash flow and get your profits up!

You’re clear on the fact you MUST DO something new, more of, or something differently… to achieve more sales, that will provide you with the cash flow and profits you need to keep your business doors open and more importantly, grow and prosper.

What I’ve just told you and where I am taking you on as a journey in this book… I guarantee you if you take action on these principles and discipline you will…

  • Prosper in these challenging, overwhelming for 97%, economic times
  • You will keep your business and company running successfully while you manage all the other areas of your business
  • You will learn what it takes to provide your products and services to your client and win at the game of business and have a fulfilling, happy and wealthy life?

So take a deep breath now, and remember results focused and motivating advice and winning actions, are the keys to achieving this most important goal within your business…

Which is to have good consistent high quality sales figures and an impressive bottom line profit year in and year out!

To your success,

Trevor Russell

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