Want to make money as a Speaker?

Hey, do you want to become a confident speaker, share your passion, change lives and make more money?

Well check out my FREE Secrets to…Super Star Speaking Webinar!
Seems there a lot of you wanting to know how to make more $$ from speaking. How Exciting!

Webinar Introduction Video: http://youtu.be/kXMN3CKsnwU

Due to the overwhelming response, I'm will running a 1 hour live webinar
My Inside Secrets to Becoming a Superstar Speaker and Presenter
Wednesday the 19th of February at 7pm.

I guarantee you, it's going to knock your socks off… register here: 

To register: To the Live Webinar For Wednesday 19th of Feb 7pm

What you're going to get on this Webinar.

  • How I went from being a scared, crappy speaker, to being a confident passionate,
    speaker and now run my own events. Speak at business events and train sales
    teams and people like you and me… with how to be authentic, passionate speakers. 
    Just imagine this happen to you. It’s so possible. I’ll show you how.
  • How you move from being a boring, average speaker, to being an eloquent, passionate
    and engaging professional speaker. (Just imagine yourself on stage now,
    speaking from the heart, enhancing people’s lives, shaking things up, making
    a difference! It’s possible and I am here to show YOU how!)
  • The secrets to to how to create a relaxed and safe environment for your audience to
    laugh, cry, get connected and truly hear your message
  • How to get speaking engagements, share your passion with a larger audience,
    leverage your time and create greater profit.
  • How to make your speaking a key part of who you are and how you can use this
    skill to prosper personally and professionally for the rest of your life.

By now, you've probably realised why I'm so passionate about this training!!!

Can you imagine how life-changing it is to be an impassioned speaker and presenter,
the kind who relishes the opportunity to be on-stage, sharing your passions with others?
And as a result make more sales, ultimately attracting the right kind of people who truly 
want to do business with you? 

This is why I sent you this email and why it would be my pleasure to see you register.
So you can share in my passion and receive the exact steps you need to
become a masterful speaker, presenter and communicator

Lesson No 1 – Do Something New with a Feeling of Adventure!

Click Here to Register: My Inside Secrets to Becoming a Superstar Speaker and Presenter

I really how to “see” you on the 19th.

To your success,


P.S. This program will be really useful if you want to improve your sales
skills in your job, be able to get up and speak and gain more clients and increasing
your cash flow. Once you have this skill, you can do it from anywhere in the world. How exciting!

SuperStar Speaker Highlights and Feedback

Trevor Russell
Business Consultant, Sales and Speaker Trainer, Professional Speaker, Author

Russell Revolution
A Revolution in Business Management and Mastery

M:                 0414 813 018
E:         info@trevorrussell.com.au
W:        www.trevorrussell.com.au

Words of Endorsement

Trevor Russell is a colourful, charismatic public speaker, business trainer and coach who
brings to life the often dreaded subject of sales and sales performance, which are so
essential for the success of any business. His passion in mastering the art of sales is
unquestionable.  His training skilfully introduces a new and endearing approach and
strategies that have allowed numerous businesses and their staff to embrace the skill
of successful sales and see their businesses grow. 

Trevor knows the valuable and importance of client engagement. 
His sales approach is therefore based on courtesy
and respect for others and the value of understanding your clients and what is important
to them as the key launch-pad to building trust and effective persuasion in client
decision-making.  He brings great value to any training session, but most importantly,
measurable results.
Tina Viney, CEO, Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network   

Thank you Trevor, today was the best money I've spent on myself ever!
I feel that I got my mojo back after years of being pummelled. Today I felt better and
happier than I have for many years and now I know I will make it. Great intelligent exciting
people to be around. Thank you. 

Giny Grass – CEO Real Oz Software

Hi Trevor, I did my new pitch yesterday at BNI and it went very well.
I have complete engagement from my audience! I wanted to let you know that your training
has worked already! Thanks for all your guidance.
Ilona Teremi – Commercial Lawyer – Director – Prestige Blinds and Awnings


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