Want to Be, Do and Have Something More? Check this out!

Why are you amazing and can be do and have everything you desire?

Good Morning SuperStar,

I know you’re busy doing stuff, so I’ll keep this very quick.
You know how you hear about the power of and importance of saying affirmations?

Well if you’re into being, better, faster, stronger, happier, healthier and wealthier.

Take a moment to consider this information.
When we say an affirmation, such as, “I am happy and healthy and wealthy’. It’s a nice thing to tell ourselves.

However, when we put the word, “Why am I happy and healthy and wealthy’. It’s just so much better!

Why? Because the word ‘Why’ turns on our Super Subconscious Brain, and whenever we pose a question to this powerhouse tool we all have, it then busily goes to work to answer the question.

The Keys to More…

Happiness, Loving Relationships, Business and Professional Success, a
Slimmer Sexier Body and a Sharp and Powerful Mind, is…


  1. To go somewhere quiet and think about all the Why questions you could ask yourself.
  2. Write them out.
  3. Then go about asking yourself these questions daily. I like to have mine printed and I read them before bed.

And you know what…. apart from feeling really good when you ask yourself the Why questions. Really cool stuff shows up.

Key Point: Getting what you want, whatever you want is currently on this
planet an active focused and committed act to make it happen. It only shows up if you show up for you, when you show up for yourself by doing the good work.

To Assist You, what I’ve done here to assist you is give you a starting template of a series of very fun and helpful ‘Why’ questions to get your good creation plan going on!

Your Empowering Why Self Questioning

  1. Why is it I am willing and able to do the work to get ______________?
  2. Why do I want to have a loving, powerful and understanding relationship with ______________?
  3. Why am I sick of _____________ and am going to do ____________ to improve this part of my life?
  4. Why do I want to see how far I can go? 
  5. Why does ____________ inspire me to achieve my goals?
  6. What is it I have everything I need to fix up ___________ ?
  7. Why is important for me to keep refining my vision, to focus on it, love it, develop it with 100% conviction it is becoming my reality?
  8. Why am I going to face _________ and clean our relationship up?
  9. Why am I going to start spending more quality time with my loving family?
  10. Why is it so important for me to work one day at a time, like I’m going on a holiday tomorrow?
  11. Why do choose to love the work I am doing now and to be the best I can at it?
  12. Why am I giving up the habit of ______________?  
  13. Why is it today, I choose to love my day with happy and be full of possibility?
  14. Why do I choose to be the best at ________________?
  15. Why do I choose to feel and be happy today… while in pursuit of what I think is going to make me happy?
  16. Why is it I am becoming more wealthy in happiness, connection, and financial wealth every day?


  1. Why is it great opportunities and abundance just continue to show up for me?
  2. Why do I sleep so well every night waking up fresh and vibrant for the new day?
  3. Why is it I truly believe that Money Miracles just continue to show up for me?
  4. Why do I choose to live unreasonably, do what others fear and ask big for what I want?
  5. Why and do I choose to be the example to others and be my best at ___________?
  6. Why it I deserve to have __________________ and its coming to me more and more every day?
  7. Why do I choose to now spend more time reading, learning and improving my mind?  
  8. Why is it I choose to ask for help and direction in my personal and professional life from experts who know the journey I am taking?
  9. Why do I have all the energy and time to achieve all I desire and more in this life?
  10. Why is I keep going 10X style until its way over it to be fixed? 
  11. Why is it I know I am no mind reader and don’t know what exciting miracles are coming? And how everything is showing up perfectly?
  12. Why is it I love the path that has brought me to this place in my life and how perfect it is for my growth and development?
  13. Why am I so proud of myself for all I have achieved?
  14. Why do I forgive myself each day?
  15. Why is it I know from little things – Big Things Grow?

Well…how cool is the power of the Why word.

Here is the very interesting thing also that happens asking Why.
You can actively answer the Why questioning at time when you do it.
And you can also just ask the question and not answer it.
It still goes from your conscious brain to your subconscious brain.

Again the Key to this working is?

To be proactive, to take the action and do it.

If not just go back to Facebook and Pinterist.

I know you’re smarter than that!

To your success,

Trevor Russell




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