The goal and action plan you sent through has been very helpful…thanks a lot for that! Here are my thoughts if you want to pass them onto anyone.

“I’ve been using Trevor’s goal and action plan for almost 2 weeks now and have found it to be a great tool. Having my projects and goals all in one simple to read document means I can review and update it easily every morning. It has definitely helped me stay on track and prioritise the most important tasks that move me closer to my goals. I especially like the “feelings” you aim to achieve through the process. It even gets you to reward yourself which is something that really motivates!”

Roger Stuart
TEL: 1300 7222 14 EMAIL:

Trevor has been an incredible encouragement to me as I’ve been setting up my new business venture. He has been positive and helpful with practical tips on moving forward. I have found the support he provides to be invaluable and would recommend anyone in business to at least trial a coaching session or two to see the benefits that can be derived. Trevor’s enthusiasm and positive approach are infectious and, coupled with a structured approach to making a business work, is an unbeatable combination.

Tracey Roberts
Financial Planner – Gold Coast – 0403 844 071

Regarding Trevor Russell

From all of us at Varsity Graphics, we are so happy with the business coaching that we have been doing with you for the last 3 months.

You have got to know the owners and team (age group from 21 to 64) very well through your personal and business coaching – we have found that you have the ability to relate to all of us. Our younger team members are very grateful for the goal setting sessions you have provided and us older ones have enjoyed being taken out of our comfort zones to create new possibilities in our business. Times are tough out in the business world but only the tough survive.

It is so easy in current times to give up and you have brought a new light to our business to keep going and we now realize there are still many, many opportunities out there to grow and succeed.

Our business has been around for 6 years now and we have been quite successful but have realized we need that extra push by an outsider to keep going and we needed some fresh ideas. We have really appreciated all your marketing, financial and people skills knowledge that you have provided us and look forward to working with you in the future to keep up the growth of our business.

Sharon Sewell – Director Varsity Graphics (07) 5575-9417

Trevor is a great coach to work with that helps small business to plan and achieve their goals through accountability and work through their financials. I would highly recommend Trevor for a small business that needs assistance to stay on track.

Anne Hall – Director – YoozUs Virtual Assistant Services

Trevor has the ability to bring out the best in people, the capacity and vision to create opportunities in business and the knowledge to develop, implement and fulfil on those visions.

I would highly recommend Trevor to deliver great outcomes in the area of sales, business development and coaching – he has the personal qualities that shine amongst the crowd!

Nick Allan – Business Strategist

To Whom It May Concern,

In today’s market environment its rare that we come across individuals that deliver more than what they promise

Trevor was a vital component in my business success. I approached Trevor to come on board to assist me with my marketing, client, sales, staff training and cash flow improvements

Within a short period of time, Trevor helped me zone in on the areas of my business that needed focus and where i could see immediate improvements

Trevor helped me stay on my game! Through the use of powerful coaching, empowering discussions and leadership tips for success he supported me in every step

His professionalism extends into everything that he does and his energetic and inspiring personality keeps you feeling uplifted and able to achieve anything

Thanks Trev for helping me to become my very best

Taryn Lockley
Raw Pilates Broadbeach
0405 209 887

March 2011


I had come from a background of struggle and some difficult times. Having completed my studies in Homeopathy (my passion), I intended to start up my own business. My life’s journey made me very aware of the fact that I really had no tools or point of reference regarding setting up and running a successful business and wealth creation let alone identifying what I wanted and what my obstacles may be to achieving my goals. Some of those obstacles were my fears and anxiety.

I set about to find someone who could assist and finally found Trevor Russell. Our first meeting was amazing, in a very short space of time, he managed to unravel the clutter and chaos in my head and we came up with plans and goals. His business knowledge is fantastic but what really mattered the most to me is that behind all this knowledge is heart, compassion and non judgement.

Trevor has amazing understanding and insight into the human spirit and is able to direct and individualise his coaching based on where I came from to where I want to go. Every time I check in with Trevor, it is like getting an injection of positivity, inspiration and motivation. Trevor is always available with advice and support when I need it.

Today, I feel confident, supported and on track with my dreams and goals. My business is growing which is quite an achievement as a Homeopath within my own Wellness Centre. Thank you so much Trevor!

I highly recommend Trevor to anyone who is serious about wanting to build a successful business or who has dreams and visions and needs assistance to full self realisation.

Veronica Mander


In reference to Mr Trevor Russell – Business Coach

I have a small business, which is now expanding rapidly. I started working with Trevor because I realized I needed help with focusing on my business & marketing my business properly. I started the business at the age of 18 so I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about how to run or market my business, I just taught myself as I went along.

The biggest benefits to working with a coach is that it really keeps me be focused and enthusiastic about my business. We set challenges which are usually thing I would never even have thought of doing and I have noticed just how much these challenges have helped my business, my confidence and my personal interaction skills with people I don’t know.

I highly recommend Trevor to all the business owners I know. Even if you don’t think you need help with running or marketing your business you will be surprised with what Trevor has to offer you. It is defiantly worth the investment.

A special thanks to you Trev, you’re not only an amazing business coach but a wonderful person to!

Thanks for all your help

Michel Humair, Director, IT HOTLINE
Andrew Baxter, Director Australia Investment Education