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Business Strategy, Planning, Coaching, Team Training Services

Achieving a 20-50% + growth in productivity, performance and sales, in less than 3 months? Yes it is possible, in this economy, to build a beautiful, productive, profitable and rewarding business. Let’s not make you out to be an idiot.
If you’re living in the western world, you know all about business strategy, coaching and training services, so let’s not waste your time. I’ve got some good experience, skills and I am clear with me and my support team, we’re able to get you results.

Our Business Relationship Starts Here

1. Meet and do an easy 'Business and Wants' review chat
2. Create a results focused 'Get Started to Success' action plan
3. Establish the best 'How to Be of Service' coaching structure
Generally this can range from 1 to 3 times per month over 3 – 12 months. Together, we will determine what is easy and right to get you the returns desire.


10 Steps to Creating a Beautiful Profitable Business

1. Willingness & Whys 7. Superstar Sales Upgrade
2. Minding your mind 6. Marketing to Win
3. How's the figure x 2 8. The figures – Sexy Time!
4. More Stopping less Starting 9. Laugh as you leverage
5. Pleasurable Planning 10. Rewarding & Invigorating


Proven experience shows us for you, how to have business success…

Which I am very clear is about you having you and your teams focus on the right key performance areas supported with an ‘easy to manage’ success plan of action.
We want change for the better to be easy, right? One step at a time I like to say.
Now, not wanting to bore you with a heap of sales hype, I know how to assist you, I do it, have done it, can prove it and know how to have you and your people win!
It’s not always easy, fun or pleasant, but from my experience, it’s simple and works. Good Business Strategy, Coaching and Training supported with good consistent action, can get you want you want. I guarantee it!

Andrew Baxter – MD/CEO
AIE – Halifax Australia

Dare to be the example, be courageous. Do what it takes. Bring your own unique magic to what you do.
Be the minority!
The only thing worse than training you and your team consistently, is to not train at all.
When your team does something well, applaud! You’ll make two people happy.
A good coach is someone who gives correction without causing resentment.

Client Business and Sales Results Achieved



Continuous Success Cycle



When you’re driven by something bigger than yourself, you find the focus the energy and motivation to do what it takes to win in your business. Your WHY can be to support your family, create freedom and certainty, to feel happy and fulfilled. To show yourself you can reach the mountain top.


What does it look like to see yourself winning? What are the magic figures that will have you be profitable? What does the team look like? How are they working? What is being achieved? Where are you going? How are you seeing you get there? Explore and create your vision, keep working it, playing with it, allowing it to unfold with good actions and faith.


Like building a home, it needs a quality plan worked to complete the project. Your business must and is the same, you need a plan and to work the plan to know what needs to be done consistently to make the vision real, to realise your WHY and have you win at the game of business.


Human nature dictates you will go as far as what feels comfortable, after that it’s about being supported, directed and push to do what feels hard, difficult and out of your normal ways of performing. The ‘best’ get directed, pushed and coached to win at business, sport and life. So do the same, dare to be pushed to be your best!


To make your dreams a reality takes courage, to go against the majority takes courage, to dare to go after what you truly want in life takes courage. If you are reading this then you are in that group of rare few who chose to live a bigger more fulfilling life. It’s all here for you to do, be and have. Have the courage to take the actions by working with me to win.

What do you get for your commitment?

Get your life & happiness back You get your team working You get to be paid your worth
Get your time freed up to relax Explore your passions again You to be highly profitable
Get excited for your business You get your health and vitality You get your business working!






Superstar Sales Speaker and Presenter Training

Do you want to know how to be a Superstar Speaker & Presenter that has people rushing to meet you and do business with you?

Wonderful! Here you learn secrets and success formula to be able to:

Confidently present and sell yourself powerfully and professionally
Develop the art of selling your products and services to groups from stage
Enrol, impress and inspire your audience and have them rushing to meet YOU!

The process you learn is what makes it’s possible for 100s of 1000s of people to impact
Millions of lives around the world and has many speakers make massive amounts of sales and money.

The speaking mastery process you learn makes it possible for 100s of 1000s of people to impact millions of lives and has many speakers make money into the $100,000s and $Millions$.

Endorsement of Services

My name is Julie Burnett. I am the Founder and Managing Director of Being StressWise.
I took my business and speaking skills to the level that I could with the knowledge and skills I had. I had a strong foundation but felt I could progress no further. I enlisted the services of Trevor Russell and almost instantly in our first meeting I knew I had met the person who could help me take my business to the next levels.
Trevor’s depth of knowledge, skills and positive energy was in absolute accordance with my needs.
Trevor’s expertise reshuffled, reorganised and refined my business very simply to a now very successful working model. I implemented his business and speaking strategies with instant positive results.
This has given me a renewed burst of energy and confidence to continue expanding my business to unlimited heights. My business has incredible potential and I will continue working with Trevor as I know his experience, expertise and understanding of what works will support and guide me in the right direction in the development of the Being StressWise Business. Julie Burnett – Director

Mindset Secrets that Make Speaking EASY and FUN

How do you get up speak and present and feel excited instead of fear and dread like you will die? You’ll learn this easy to remedy process.

Learn the 7 Step SuperStar Power Presentation System

What does it take to really get people engaged in what you’re saying and remember you and want to buy from you?

The Secrets to Creating Massive Connection & Excitement

There are some hard to find out secrets to have people feel a connection, a sense of safety and trust. Which you will learn these skills, easy and fun!

Practice in a Safe Learning Environment

Here you will get to practice with me and your team members in a safe trusting secure environment, with the only intention which is to have you and your clients win!

To Secrets to Confidentially ASK for the Business

How do you ask for the business and get people to pay you money? This is a critical skill that must be mastered.

Have FUN while you Learn, Speak Present with Mastery

If you’re going to learn the mastery of speaking and presenting, you need to anchor it to fun.
I guarantee you’ll have loads of magic and fun with us.

Make more Sales and Money than You Ever Have Before!

You’re going to make big sales and money; you’re going to need to get ready for this by learning the mindset behind How To Manage it.


SuperStar Speaking & Presenting Training Guarantee

Is backed with my integrity and commitment to have you achieve your desired results. If by following everything you learn and take action to apply the learning’s over 90 days.
If you do not get results you get double your money back.

Speaking Success is possible for everyone, it’s just knowing how!



Sales Mastery Trainer, Peak Results Team Development

Business to Business – Directors, CEO, Sales Managers

The number one reason, your business will succeed, comes down to how well you and your team embrace the right type of results focused, influence and selling skills within your business. Your must always be focused on sales.
Business owners, directors and CEOs who get this important focus point, on a daily basis are the businesses and corporations that are winning at the game of profits!

Consider these important questions:

  • Do you adhere to a consistent sale training program for you and your team?
  • Do you carefully plan and forecast your ideal sales figures to achieve profit?
  • Are you pleased with your sales and are you in consistent profit mth on mth?
  • Is your team working with clear, fun, results focused sales success plans?
  • Do you know how to take your clients on a carefully planned journey to buy?

If you answer ‘NO’ to any of these questions, it would be highly advised you have a professional sales expert review your current sales strategy and needs.

I ‘love’ the sales process, it’s the most rewarding business skill I have ever been fortunate enough to be able to learn and continue to master.

How to Be a Sales Super Star Part 1.

How to Be a Sales Super Star Part 2.
Your commitment to sales planning, training and ongoing results focused, team development is so important it’s not a matter of ‘if’ you will, it ‘must’ be only about the question of
‘how’ your must and will consistently train support and lead them and You to WIN!

Sales and Team Performance Q&A

Is it the market or you? To date with 100% consistency, I have found that businesses that embrace a fundamental ‘Sales Success Management and Support System’, consistently generate the sales figures that have them be profitable.

So the question I always ask, ‘politely of course’, ‘is it the market or you?’ When you go through a thorough Sales and Team Performance Q&A process, you quickly become acquainted with the facts of whether you are running the right type of sales success process… or not!

Sales & Team Planning Performance & Systems Diagnosis Y N Some
You and your team, embrace a consistent, healthy eating, exercise and rest program?
Highly motivated with a desire to increase business cash-flow and profits?
You share the vision of the business, with goals and supporting action plans?
Clear ‘code of conduct’ by how the business and team work united as one?
Survey your clients consistently on their needs, wants, frustrations and suggestions?
Know what your clients, needs and frustrations are and you provide the solution?
Team follows a consultation sales process, can handle objections and ask for the sale?
Embrace selling skills and training as a fundamental business practice?
Clearly defined sales targets and track results consistently, week in week out?
Profiled you and your team members on what type of sales type each person is?
Consistently praise the team for work well down with rewards, bonuses and gifts?
Weekly team & sales meetings reviewing and assessing targets and results?
Monthly sales, mindset and motivation training to maximum team sales results?
Consistently work on business finances projections with book keeper and accountant?
Consistently work with business advisor, masterminding & planning to lead & achieve?
Active marketing plan to track marketing campaigns, to determine ROI?
A quality client database that tracks and measures all clients’ details and purchases?
Consistent current client contact through re booking, memberships, information events
If you’re reading this… ‘Be Bold’, dare to gain more of what you want. Send me an email To let’s explore how we may be able to assist you.

How successful you are in sales, performance and profits, comes down to what you study

Recommendations for Sales Mastery – Study these!

Assisting you in Revolutionising Your Business and Life Success

Sales Dogs
Blair Singer
Sell with NLP
Kerry L Johnson
Sell Higher than Your Competitors
Lawrence L Steinmetz
Sales Bible
Jeff Gitomer
Trevor has been an amazing business coach for me! His experience and knowledge of business strategy and sales skills is fantastic and I have gained so much confidence through working with him.
He has taken all of the information and desire that I have for my business and showed me how to package it into something angible and exciting that I can present and promote. I am so glad I took the leap and committed to getting Trevor to coach me. His energy, commitment and support for seeing me grow and break though my fears have been invaluable.
Thank you so much Trevor, I love what you do!


Kylea Moloney – Kinesiologist – Health Coach & Speaker

We are so happy with the business coaching we have been doing for the last 3 months. You got to know the owners and team very well through your personal and business coaching – we have found that you have the ability to relate to all of us. Our younger team members are very grateful for the goal setting sessions you have provided and us older ones have enjoyed being taken out of our comfort zones to create new possibilities in our business. Times are tough out in the business world but only the tough survive. It is so easy in current times to give up and you have brought a new light to our business to keep going and we now realize there are still many, many opportunities out there to grow and succeed. You have had us realize we need that extra push to keep going. We have really appreciated all your marketing, financial and people skills knowledge that you have provided us and look forward to working with you in the future to keep up the growth of our business.

Sharon Sewell – Director Varsity Graphics