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Tina Viney, CEO, Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network
Trevor Russell is a colourful, charismatic public speaker, business trainer and coach who brings to life the often dreaded subject of sales and sales performance, which are so essential for the success of any business. His passion in mastering the art of sales is unquestionable. His training skilfully introduces a new and endearing approach and strategies that have allowed numerous businesses and their staff to embrace the skill of successful sales and see their businesses grow.

Trevor knows the valuable and importance of client engagement. His sales approach is therefore based on courtesy and respect for others and the value of understanding your clients and what is important to them as the key launch-pad to building trust and effective persuasion in client decision-making. He brings great value to any training session, but most importantly, measurable results.

Renae Gibbs – People First Solutions
Today i made a list of 5 follow up calls and 5 cold calls so far i have two meetings from my follow up calls and working on ones from my cold calls. However today’s cold calls were the BEST cold calls i have ever made!!! I changed my language asked lots of questions and really pushed hard for a meeting! I was respected, i got information and i got further than i have ever have before! I am a little EXCITED!!!!
I am sure i have a long way to go but feeling like i am on the right track now! YOU ARE A LEGEND!
Renae Gibbs – People First Solutions
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Melissa Groom – Director Empowered Mums
“Trevor Russell is a high energy, entertaining presenter. He is so passionate about what he does helping business owners to achieve success in many areas such as sales, communication and presenting. Trevor always gives 100% and over delivers every time sharing his vast array of knowledge when he presents to our networking groups. He keeps the audience alerts and hungry for more. His magician and comedian skills certainly make his presentations entertaining and memorable. I highly recommend you book Trevor for your next event.”
Julie Burnett – Director Being StressWise
My name is Julie Burnett. I am the Founder and Managing Director of Being StressWise . I took my business to the level that I could with the knowledge and skills I had. I had a strong foundation but felt I could progress no further.
I enlisted the services of Trevor Russell and almost instantly in our first meeting I knew I had met the person who could help me take my business to the next levels.
Trevor’s depth of knowledge, skills and positive energy was in absolute accordance with my needs.
Trevor’s expertise reshuffled, reorganised and refined my business very simply to a now very successful working model. I implemented his strategies with instant positive results.
This has given me a renewed burst of energy and confidence to continue expanding my business to unlimited heights. My business has incredible potential and I will continue working with Trevor as I know his experience, expertise and understanding of what works will support and guide me in the right direction in the development of the Being StressWise business. Julie Burnett

Michel Humair, Director, IT HOTLINE
Andrew Baxter, Director Australia Investment Education