Sales Training… It’s finally time. YES!!

Sales Training, YES, ITS FINALLY TIME!

Ok! So you know how there’s all these companies and businesses that struggle with making enough sales week in and week out to achieve targets and make profits.

And they wonder why all that they are doing to general sales, to make profit and have their sales team achieving targets… is not working?

Well I am very pleased to inform the world and you that are reading this BLOG post. That the world is now starting to get that just like going for gold at the Olympics, you have an expert train you, show you and push you to gold, with all the love and support and nurture to have you WIN!

Well well, I spoke at the Small Business Association of Australia’s Forum in the Gold Coast Australia on Saturday and I was so impressed to see all the business owners in the room sucking up that I was sharing regarding how to achieve sales success through quality training.

A pleasure to be speaking with such a dynamic and impressive group of business experts

A pleasure to be speaking with such a dynamic and impressive group of business experts

Why is this desire to now get motivated to sales train sales people? Well, I can see and am experiencing more and more every day, smart CEOs, Directors and Sales Managers and Business Owners, are moving from fear and Ego to want to be right, while they’re failing, to wanting to do what ever it takes in and bring in experts that can show, teach, lead and inspire their most important assets next to customers, which are their sales people. The people who bring in the money to make the business run.

Now this would make perfect sense right? In a logical world it would be we are not a logical world.
The out dated way of achieving business sales success that does not work.

Check in yourself here.

  • You’re the boss and you know everything and what’s wrong with these stupid sales people, why can’t they sell. I pay them good enough money.
  • Customers, Ill show them, how dare they want concessions and problems solved.
  • Training, I don’t have the time and money to be training my sales forces; they should do their own training.
  • I can’t wait to buy that new boat and take all my friends out and drink and get smashed all weekend. Now that’s where you spend money.
  • Get em in and get their money I say.
  • If I loose one of those idiots, I can always get another
  • Yeah I ask them what we can do to improve, but it means I’d have to change and I awesome, so why bother.

Result, you’re in constant misery, and eventually you fail!

The new and most successful way to achieve high high sales results

  • This business is all about my team, showing them and supporting them and loving them to be their best and telling them how well they are doing.
  • My customers are the next most important assets to our business. I will do what ever it takes to give them the best possible service and support.
  • Me? It’s got nothing to do with me as the boss. My job is to make these people the best and show them and lead them with passion and motivation and support.
  • Training, I will and do find the time and money to train my sales team and people so they can be the best and shine and succeed.
  • I can’t afford to lose any of them as they are my biggest assets
  • When I ask them how we can improve I action it and make it happen for this I know they feel respected and heard.

You feel fantastic, you’re team are happier and feel appreciated and you’re actually making more money then ever!

Today is competitive yes! But what I see it, it’s still very exciting and not that hard to still stand out and be the best and most profitable company and or business is your industry.

Mr CEO, Director, Sales Manager, Business Owner and Sales Professional, when get clear on the fact the Sales Success Model is now this…

1. The Sales Team – Supported to WIN
2. The Customer – Supported and Served
3. Investors and Stakeholders
4. Then You the Leader Do all To Service the Above with Passion, Love and Support to WIN

Then everyone WINS!

To your sale success

Trevor Russell
Australias Leading Sales Training Expert

My new book stand for How to Double Your Sales in 90 Days or Less. If you can dream it you can have it!

My new book stand for How to Double Your Sales in 90 Days or Less. If you can dream it you can have it!


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