Sales Success and Money Making Action List

Hello my good people!

So I was at a networking event this morning and I noticed a real problem
with many people there. They really felt confused with how they could
attract more good quality customers and increase their weekly sales figures.

So what I did to help them… was give them this list of tips which I know
if followed and used, create a simple yet very successful ways, anyone needing
to sell, to have a consistent beautiful flow of customers and money coming in.

And I got to thinking that you may also find this list helpful.

Feel free to print it out and use as a consistent reminder of the simple
actions that can make all the difference to you and your success.

                How to Make All the Sales You Need
                        Sales Success Action List

What You Are Doing To Support Yourself to Succeed

  • You believe in what you sell and believe in its value.
  • You’re clear on your no-1 goal, which is to make sales.
  • You have a why, vision and mission for what you do.
  • You know how to push past your fears to sell and enroll.
  • You’re willing and go the extra mile for your customers.
  • You read, listen to and study motivating sales information.
  • You plan your day with focus on service & sales.
  • You get consistent direction, advice and coaching to improve.
  • You know how to ask for the sales and enroll consistently.
  • You support and praise yourself & your team consistently.
  • You’re consistently calling, presenting and meet and enroll.

What You Are Doing to Help Your Team

  • You & team have a ‘positive belief’ for what ‘To Sell’ means.
  • You have everyone clear they are in the business of sales.
  • You consistently invest your team into sales training.
  • You give high rewards for sales targets being met.
  • You do what you say you’ll do, for your team and clients.
  • You allocate a % of gross revenue to lead gen and sales training.
  • You and your team know their sales targets.
  • You have weekly Sales Success Meetings.
  • You and the team know how to present and enrol clients.

What You are Using as Sales Building Tools

  • You have and use scripts for calls, presentations, enrolling.
  • You embrace Social Media, build relations and convert sales
  • You are obsessed with knowing your cash-flow & expenses.
  • You now the 5 steps to get past any objections.
  • You have a ‘Sales Plan’ to attract & convert leads.
  • You have a website that has videos, free offers, & a BLOG.
  • You send out high value WOW Packs to prospect customers.
  • You have a Guarantee that scares you and is visible.


I hope you found this list helpful.

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