It is such a pleasure to create these products to assist you in developing your sales, speaking and business management and marketing & leadership skills. So you have the confidence and ability to achieve the heights possible results for you and your team.

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ATTENTION ALL! Sales professionals & leaders

How to Double Your Clients and Sales in 90 Days or Less – Printed book mailed to you

So you want to make more sales and more money right? Well you’ve come to the right book.

  • Discovering how to get past the fears of selling and learn to communicate and sell with super confidence and skill
  • Getting clear with how to attract all the quality customers that want and need to buy your products and services
  • Mastering the skill to be a much more inspiring leader and presenter who can motivate teams of people and clients to want to work with you
  • Stand out from the clutter and be the leader in any market or industry
  • Achieve the sales results that will have your business WIN!!

Sales success is possible for you for whatever product or service you sell, when you follow these principles you will succeed!

Ok, so are you serious about Being the Example in Business, and to be Bringing Your Own Unique Magic to everything you do in business and life? I am sure you are. Why? Well, it’s because you’re reading this.

It is a pleasure to share these books, products with you, to review, study, learn, and practice, so you may master the skills to create the business, enterprise, team and life you love.


Double your sales, speak with confidence & skill & have people rush to meet and buy from you!

Would you like to double your sales and speak with confidence & skill and have clients rush to meet & buy from you?

Here is your changes to learn these skills in a simple step by step process in the comfort of your car when driving off to that next important meeting

AUDIO CD1 – Supercharge your speaking skills

  • -How to get over the fear of speaking to groups
  • -Learn how to have people want to meet and buy from you
  • -What you need to become a stand out speaker and love it

AUDIO CD2 – Supercharge your sales results

  • -How to double your sales result in any market and industry – 90 days or less
  • -Gain a new excitement and passion for selling
  • -Learn how why your customer really buy from you

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The Secrets to Powerfully Presenting Your Business on Stage to Groups – FREE Audio – By Trevor Russell

How is it that you see these speakers get up and speak with confidence and have people rushing to them to do business? What are the secrets to their success? Here the process is uncovered, for you to learn and master.

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How to Be Paid Your Worth in a New Economy
FREE eBook – By Trevor Russell

Do you feel business has changed? Are you frustrated with not enough sales, customers and profits? The good news is, you can prosper in these exciting new economic times. In this FREE eBook, you will learn an easy to understand pathway to moving your business from fear and frustration, to freedom.

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