Not making enough money… well then… this will help…

Not making enough money in your business?
This could be the reason.

Yes, this could be it for you!

What if it really could be just 1 reason why you are not making the money you need to pay all your expenses, staff and make profit?

Well… yes, it is 1 reason, this 1 reason does have a number of key elements to it that make it the most important reason.

Want to know what it is?

Ok… I’ll tell you. It’s because you don’t know how to sell.
Or in other words, you and or your sales people don’t know how to skilfully use a series of sales steps and methods, which apply to this market place, we now find ourselves in.
And by ‘to sell’, I refer to, being able to consistently attract and enrol (sell) your ideal customers into the products and services you offer.

I know… a bit of a punch in the face, however, I am the bearer of good news and going to answers the big question, which is how you can change the direction of your business, which I provide to you in these 3 key areas listed below.

Oh, and before I commence, why would I be so bold in sounding like I know and have the keys that unlock the doors to more customers, more sales and greater profits?

Well it’s because I’ve seen when applying these principles and methods, they work!
If… and I’ll say it again…. with a BIG IF… the person wanting the result, works them, which is a very nice segway into our first making more money in your business reason.

1. You are going to need to change

Yeap I said it, whether you are the boss, the business owner or the sales manager, it’s you that holds the keys to change and improve the cash-flow and profits.

How you think about your business, your customers and your team (if you have a team) must move from, ‘all of them are the problem’, to ‘I am responsible’ thinking. A bit broad stroke here in my delivery, but I think you get my meaning.

The thinking that costs you money and keeps you broke

What I do I mean by the thinking that costs you money and keeps you broke?
Well have a look over this list and see if anything sounds familiar.

Ó  Plan my days, what’s most important to bring in sales? No way. I’m flat out! Doing this and that and that, and I have to do that and that.

Ó  It’s the market, really just take look at it, no one is buying right now.

Ó  Gezz, the competition, there is so many out there, how can I complete?

Ó  Vision and reason why I do what I do. Easy! To make money. Money money money!

Ó  Planning, I don’t have time to plan; I have too much work to do!

Ó  Praise and train my team, I don’t have the time or money and it’s a waste anyway.

Ó  If you make your team too smart, they’ll just leave me anyway.

Ó  And the best way to get them to perform is to rip them a new A hole. Slackers!

Ó  Sales calls, follow meetings and setting targets? Well kinda!

Ó  Online marketing and social media, ha! I tried that, it’s a waste of time.

The thinking that makes you money and brings you happiness

These are just some that I hear however, I’m sure you get the idea of the thinking that is keeping people broke.

Well then, what is the thinking that is going to lift you out of fear and frustration and open up the flood gates to let money flow into your business bank account? It sounds like these.

ü  Plan my days. You beat ya! I need to know what I’m doing and especially where I am going to be focusing on client needs, team performance and sales development.

ü  The market… I’m more concerned with the service we provide for our beautiful clients

ü  Competition… let them do their thing. I’m focused on what and how I can be of serve to more of our ideal clients that we can bring value and the service to every day.

ü  Vision and reason why I do what I do? To provide the best possible service to my clients and employment experience for my team. Service, safety & then money is me.

ü  I succeed in high sales and profits, because of my plan and I work my plan.

ü  My team? I love them, support them and praise them, because next to my clients, they are the most important asset to my businesses success or failure!

ü  Training and development in the area of sales and marketing is my number 1 business investment. Because why? This is how we succeed when others fail. Train to maintain!

ü  We know how to consistently attract and sell people into our products and services.

ü  Sales calls, meetings, targets, it’s all planned and monitored, its imperative!

ü  Doing what I say for my team and my clients means everything to me. My needs come last because my team and clients are why I do what I do here.

Ok so you may have gotten to see that you could have some thinking changes to do. This can be very often simple to grasp but no necessarily easy to do. Why? Because the challenge is, people in their doing good wisdom, have fears. Those big strong fears that feel like they run the show to our success or failure most of the time.

However, if you’ve had enough and getting to the point thinking and feeling, you’d rather have the fear of change and new adventures, be in your life than the fears of being broke and having to shut shop.

I would highly recommend you go sit on a hill and look out into the blue yonder and take stock of your thinking and attitude towards your customers, team (if you have them) and yourself.

You hold the keys to success or failure by how you think and act every day. However I have this feeling, if you’re ready this right now. You are ready and open to make this the first day of the rest of your life. And I promise you, thinking and doing these type of things I’ve listed above, will start to turn your ship around.

2. Have your 1 Page Marketing Success Matrix

Ok, what is the next process that will empower you to attract a consistent flow of clients and put you in the driver’s seat to make the money you need to succeed in any market and industry. I call it my 1 Page Marketing Success Matrix.

Why do I call it this? Well because having studied marketing, worked in marketing and conducting marketing every single day. It is a must have skill next to being able to sell with skill, to succeed in business. And this is now more apparent than ever!

Yet sadly, so few people in business make the time to learn how to market their businesses in simple yet highly effective ways to keep the doors open.
However you’re in the right place because I’m going to tell you what you can do from this day forward to get on top of your marketing.

You need to get help and support and develop your top 5 ways you:

1. Attract clients into your business consistently every single day
2. Skilfully convert inquires from your marketing to have them buy from you
3. Keep them coming back to you to spend with you over a life time

4. Present and get agreement by the client to sell what you sell with the highest margins

5. Have the 5 simple yet very important processes to plan, track and measure your financials

These are the 5 key areas you have in your 1 Page Marketing Matrix and yes I know I have left out a lot of detail here. However I have my details listed below and if you email me Ill email back the 1 Page Marketing Success Matrix to you so you have all the information you require, so you too can have a beautiful flow of clients coming to you and back to you time and again.

3. You have a Consultation to Engage a Client Successfully Process (CTCCSP)

I must have what Trevor? You must have and know intimately how to go up to and meet and present to any client in a way that you and your team are able to take them on a journey to want to buy your product and service. And with so much precision, they are asking you, ‘yes please, I’ll have it, where do I pay.’

I call it my Consultation to Engage a Client Successfully Process or the CTCCSP.

Now before I tell you more about this process and how it works. Please if you can ponder this question for a minute. If I asked you, can you and your team speak with any potential client or customer, and know how to take them on a conversational journey that builds high connection, value, deals with their concerns about time or money etc and effectively asks them for the business and get’s a yes response 80%+ of the time or more, could you say yes, or would it be no?

If yes, I congratulate you and I’m not sure why you’d be reading this article. It’s probably because you are fore ever on the hunt for the best of the best information, which is why you’re reading this. Nice!

However if your answer is anything from… kind of, well maybe… to a flat out no! Then you best read on because this is going to be extremely important to you and the future success or failure of your business.

If you are going to be outstanding and achieve high sales and profits in your industry, in this new economy, you and your team must clearly know, whether it’s for 2 minutes, 20 minutes or 2 hours, how to meet and consult and enrol clients into buying your stuff!

So how do you do this? Well it goes like this and again if you’d like this process completely mapped out from start to finish you can email me and I will send you a 10 page report on how to do this with 100% skill.

However as a start here is it in summary format:

1. Connection
– How you connect and relax and related to your potential client
2. Frame up
– Who you are, and what you’re intention is with how you assist their needs
3. Exploration
– Determine their pains, needs, wants and desires, relevant to what you sell
4. Creation
– Presenting the benefits, results and value of your product / service offering
5. Confirming
– Confirming what they want and what you provide is a match and high value
6. Enrolling
– Managing and getting concerns cleared up and getting the yes and they buy

So… how was that?
Can you get this is a proven, get the business, sales process?

What ever you want to call it, you simply must have this process mastered by you and your team if you truly want to be outstanding and succeed in any market.

I get to work with a beautiful variety of clients and succeed when other trainers and coaches fail and suffer, purely because my teachers have show me these 4 key ways to succeed in my business. And to see my clients when applying these to their business, well… they get their lives back, which is beautiful thing to experience.

Again, as I said, email me and I will send you a full report with the CTCCSP fully explained and mapped out for you. What to say and how to say it, to have you and your team be fully equipped to enrol a consistent flow of beautiful clients into buying your products and services on a daily basis. It will be my pleasure to assist you.

What’s next for you?

Now the $10 million $ Question… what is next for you? Will you step up and take a look at what needs to change in you, your team and how you run your business. Or will you just keep doing the same because it all feels way too hard? Well I hope you pick the first choice.

And if you’re feeling like it’s going to be the later choice for you, can I suggest you consider these questions to hopefully help shift you from frustration to excitement and hope again!

  • What would it be like to let go of fear and be open and willing to just take a look and explore trying some news ways of conducting your business?
  • What would it be like to start the day thinking about how you’re going to really be there for your customers and your team, to do the little extra to serve, support and praise?
  • What would it be like to get back to why you started your business in the first place and think about that place it all started and what drove, lifted and inspired you?
  • What about if you finally got excited about the value you’re products and services can deliver to people and be willing to get past the fear of selling and marketing?
  • To go see how many people you really can create into long term happy and rewarded clients?
  • To dare to be bold and ask for help and direction to find out how you can do, be and have everything that you truly desire!

Ok, I think I’ve given you plenty here to consider. It would be a pleasure to hear from you and ask to receive the gifts I’ve offered here for you to take advantage of.
Just email me and they’ll be on the way over.

Thank you for spending time with me today. As you may have gathered I am so very passion about seeing all of us succeed and as a local to the Gold Coast, I have big plans to affect this region and beautiful home we all share. I thank Lea for allowing me to provide you with this, what I hope has been eye opening and helpful information and I hope we get to meet and talk and even work together.


Trevor Russell

Is a business strategist, coach, sales and speaker trainer and speaker and author.
He is highly motivated and brings out the best in business owners and teams. He has worked with over 200 businesses across many industries. He is experienced in peak human performance. Marketing, finance and sales. And runs training both inside his clients business, workshops and 1on1 programs.

His training, coaching and methods have resulted in clients achieving anywhere from 10% to over 300% in increased sales in less than 12 weeks in many occasions.
His intention is to have you create the business and life you love.
To chat with Trevor; contact:

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