My Life Changing Interview with Andrew Baxter CEO for Australian Investment Education

Good Afternoon Business Superheros, 

I’m sure you’ve heard of the famous, English business magnate Sir Richard Branson.

He is most famous as the founder and chairman of Virgin Group, comprising of more
than 400 companies. Sir Richard has a great ability to develop profitable business models
and going toe-to-toe with the boldest brands around.

After a second failed attempt to launch Virgin Cola in the US, Branson was quoted
saying “Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one coming.”

Sir Richard Branson knew then, something that many business owners don’t
realise, there is always opportunity and it’s important to keep your mind open
to new ideas and to see how and where to take advantage of the good ones you find.

In light of this I have one question for you…

What are you doing to explore and venture into new business opportunities, how are you
managing your cash flow and investing your business profits?

Are they sitting ideal in some account, or are you putting them to work? Providing you with multiple
streams of cash flow?
So they are able to produce more for you and your family – this is smart leverage.

So with this intention in mind, it is my pleasure to introduce you to my friend and valued client
Mr Andrew Baxter, Managing Director for Australian Investment Education, Halifax
Trading, a self made millionaire and money management expert.

If you’re serious about your wealth creation, your business and the future of investing,
Andrew is a wealth of knowledge, please watch my interview here with Andrew.

Link to video

As you can see and hear from Andrew, he knows first-hand about how to 
build wealth and manage money and most importantly teaches people everyday how to do this for themselves.

Andrew has very kindly offered you access to his 
“Investor Risk Profile Test” //

I would like to give it to you as a gift, it’s loaded with great tips on how you can leverage your business profits.

After going through this test myself here are 3 ways I discovered to get your business profits working harder for you:

1)     Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. One of the things the test reveals is how open you are to “Diversification.” Through trading there are some simple strategies you can apply to diversify your business risk. Giving you the potential to generate additional income and cash flow in your business.

2)     Stop hindering your own success. Many people don’t even consider trading or investing because of how much time they think it will take, how much risk they think is involved and how much money they think it will cost. They put a mental block on the fact that they could win as a trader or investor and ultimately do nothing. The truth is trading and investing with the right strategy will only take you a few minutes a day at cost you the equivalent of a cup of coffee a day for a year to get you started.

3)     Don’t make assumptions. Just because it happened to your mate doesn’t mean it will happen to you. When you don’t have the right information the best thing to do is seek it out. Never make money decisions based on assumptions. That’s why I am connecting you the best, so you can make the best decision when it comes to your money.

Click here to take the test

This test will show you how to get access and a ‘front row seat’ to the next big market moves in 2013.

After you’ve taken the test send me a note and let me know what you think. I would really like to hear your feedback.


To your success,

Trevor Russell

Business Contact Details 
Trevor Russell
Business Strategist, Sales Trainer, Professional Speaker

M:        0414 813 018

Professional Endorsements of Services 

Anne Hall   Director at YoozUs
Trevor is a great coach to work with that helps small business to plan and achieve
their goals through accountability and work through their financial. I would highly
recommend Trevor for a small business that needs assistance to stay on track.

Nick Allan  Strategy Coach
Trevor has the ability to bring out the best in people, the capacity and vision to create
opportunities in business and the knowledge to develop, implement and fulfill on those visions.
I would highly recommend Trevor to deliver great outcomes in the area of sales, business
development and coaching – he has the personal qualities that shine amongst the crowd!


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