Key business performance tool to plan and achieve success

Merry Christmas to you. You made it! 🙂

Have a great Christmas and remember, as a wise person said to me.
You did your best this year, focus on what you did well and what you can do better next year.
BUT! The year is done! Be proud of yourself. Be present to being with your family.
January will be here soon enough!

After you're rested up, if you would like to review your business and *get a plan going for January 2014*.

Please find below for your success, a simple Key Business Performance Diagnostic tool for you. 
To review your business and what areas you've focused on, maybe put aside, forgotten or need to learn exists. 
This simple yet powerful Q&A, will assist you in *finding the priorities and gaps that may require your attention in 2014*.

Could you image if you worked through this action list and incorporated these into your business next year?

Powerful!! Life Changing!!

Many many times people say, 'oh the market it's terrible'. Or the customers just aren't spending like they used to'.

After going through a diagnosis process with business people saying these types of things about why their business is failing.

The outcome is always a variation of the same.

  • No vision or Exciting Motivating WHY!!
  • No clear goals and action plans
  • No consistent focused sales training
  • No boundries and clear lines of communication
  • No rewards or incentives
  • No consistent praise and rewards
  • No planning and focus meetings
  • No planning and measuring of marketing
  • No follow up calls and rebookings
  • No speaking and presenting to groups
  • No or little facing of the hard truths and facts of what needs to
    change and be implemented (FEARS runs the business)

Pretty important, I am sure you would agree?

Remember, action is the key to all success.
I invite you to take this time out over Christmas to review your business.
Rate what is working and what needs fixing, focus and cleaning up going into 2014.

To your success,

Trevor Russell

PS. And remember, a good plan implemented in a couple of key areas, is much better than the perfect plan that is never!


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