Keep talking your mind into selling

Hi Business Superhero’s

Do you spend time on improving your selling skills?
Do you believe being able to effectively communicate and enroll customers into buying your products and services?
If the answer is no, I can beat you’re struggling financially.
If you want to change your bank balance from empty to being full! Then read on!

Keep Talking Your Mind into Selling

It is extremely important to stop being someone who buys into your emotions and monkey mind thinking that sales is wrong and bad. So stop it!
You need to open your mind and again I say, open your mind!

And keep your mind open to creating new and long lasting relationships, adding value sharing your passion and discipline and consistency enrolling customers and clients into your products and services!

Did you know, just because your mind gives you thoughts, doesn’t mean they are true real, right or wrong or correct.

As someone committed to wanting more, to be more, and how about even the ability to double your sales in 90 days or less and serve the number of clients that has you win emotionally and financially?
Well my friend, it is your role as the owner of your mind, to be aware of your thoughts and beliefs.

Because when it comes to selling with mastery, it all comes down to how you think and motivate yourself through your thinking to either achieve & succeed… or fail.

You might be thinking, ‘oh yes Trevor, I hear your motivating words, but I’m stuck and I need more than some motivating words.’

Well then, let me ask you some questions which will help us get present to how your mindset towards selling and therefore how your level of results are currently going for you.

? Do you jump in the car excited and pumped to go conduct and present with the intention to be of service to this potential new client and bring in more new money for your company and or you and your business?
? Do you get excited and enjoy asking for business and the money and inspiring your customers to make a transaction with you?
? Do you some day’s wake a tired, but you are still able to plan your day out and go do what you must to fulfil on having a productive day?
? Do you just love the feeling of adrenalin and adventure when you pick up the phone to make a new contact call, to make an appointment to go see how you can be of service and do business with that person?

? Do you shake, procrastinate and put off picking up that phone?
? Start to worry and quiver at the thought of sitting across from another person to do your presentation, with sweating hands and heart pounding?
? Do you think that if you ask would they like to start working with you and your company, will only have you look like a pushy painful sales person?
? Do you hate asking for money and stumble and get stuck and most of the times don’t even ask anyways?
? Just when you hear the word, sell or sales, make’s you cringe?
? As you think about calling potential new clients, you think, why bother, they’ll only be with another supplier anyways?


Good questions and as I’m sure you would agree for which ever thought types are relevant to you, our mind can give us a whole lot of variations on these types of thoughts.

But overall what I want you to get is, you’re either currently failing into the,
Group 1 or Group 2, as a success or a failing person who has a responsibility to sell products and services.

Here you have 2 types of people.

Group 1. Feels emotional challenges around sales activities; however they don’t let these emotions stop them. They push through because they have adopted self awareness and strategies to manage their mindset.

They love the feeling of adrenaline and going for it! They love to connect with people, be of service, win and make money and for this they find the ways to focus on what will have them be champions, for being of service, making a difference for their clients, themselves and their families.

This group 1 has challenges, yes, they win and loss sales, yes. The make money and lose money. But what they have is a way of mentally picking themselves up and being a warrior that consistently moving forward to achieve and do what they must to be successful in representing what they do and selling with success.

Group 2. Are the group of people who more often than not feel in struggle, sacred, overwhelmed with fear and life feels hard and difficult.

When ever they have to make a call to connect with someone, approach someone, do a presentation, follow up, sit down to consult and ask for they business.
They hate it; they procrastinate and get caught up in thoughts of fear and doubt.

So my question for you is, without judgement, which group can your relate to being in?

And most importantly what does this all come do to?

It comprises on a number of reasons which I am sure you can see from reading this far as to what you do and don’t do to be a successful person responsible for selling.

Overarching how you be and think as either a person falling into group 1 or group 2, I am 100% clear on, comes down to your ‘philosophy’ towards selling. Which has you be either motivated to do what has you take the action to go out and make it happen, or a philosophy that talks you out of doing what you have to do to make it happen and win.

It’s so important I say it again! You’re Philosophy will be the overarching roof top to how little or well you are prepared, practiced and skilled and successful, in your profession as a succeeding or failing person who is responsible for influencing and selling.

And whether your great and want to be greater in your role as a sales person, and you’re here to learn how to double your sales in 90 days or less. Or you’re here because you’re currently falling into Group 2 and want to change and become better, smarter and stronger, which is in itself is exciting and courageous on your part.

I welcome you with open arms to lead you, give and motivate you to the successful places you want to go. Why? Because with you being here, while you may not know all the ways how yet, what you have is awareness, desire and willingness and we just need to help support and push you in some places.

It’s time to upgrade your Sales Philosophy to 2.0.

Right here right now, to help you feel better about yourself also. I want you to get, that what your natural style of ‘being’ is, will be aligned with how well you do as a sales person or not, for how confidently you can influence, communication and enroll and sell people into products and services. .

What do I mean?

For example; a quiet back office book keeper will more than likely not be as an affective sales person, compared to a more naturally built outgoing person, who can confidently go out, connect and communicate and enjoy it.

Why? It’s because we are all built differently and all built perfectly to play a role on this planet. It’s just that sometimes we have to borrow qualities from other styles to get what we need to get done and want.

Whether you’re a natural Super Star Sales Person making beautiful wonderful connection with people and selling lots and lots of your products and services, or you’re someone who has to work at it but you still get good results.

The beautiful thing I would like to note from my personal experience is, you don’t have to be the best! You don’t have to be the all-seeing-all-knowing Sales Superstar.

While this is a great aspiration and I support your goal if this is the case. All you do need to be, if you want more, need more, desire more than you’re currently getting.

Your most important focus point should be on, you needing and wanting and driven to be a better ‘you for you’ and your company’s success, whatever this success is!
Case Study – My manic friend

I used to compare myself to this maniac friend who could stay up till 2am in the morning and be up all day out selling and creating business opportunities. I used to look at him and think how come I can’t be more like him working with endless energy and out creating the business and sales he does.

His philosophy towards business was to be successful at any cost, to have respect from everyone because of the money, cars and things he has. It turns out that he was very insecure and the reason he went like a manic to achieve, make money and have the biggest and best of everything, it was just to be accepted and loved.

Well my friend, through some self exploration I realized, I can’t be him. He is an off the chart, no sleep no rest director style person. It’s not my style or my way of being and most importantly, not my philosophy. I wanted differently to him. I wanted success yes, but in a different way and also to live and work in different ways.

When I got my philosophy fixed for myself, I was freed up and energised to go and work to serve and win yes! But also for me to have time to exercise, to see my friends and family and fulfil on my own values for how I live and work. Not copy or think I have to be like someone else.

What a relief… and from this relief came even more wins for me in my business and life.

This story however, is to not about giving up and thinking, ‘oh it’s ok to not go and push to get what you want from life and business.’ Because anything you truly want to have do and succeed in, is going to bring up fear, pain and frustration.

It’s just how it’s made up on this planet currently. I personally think its mother nature’s test. It’s the test of discipline to get focused on what you want, how you going to get it and keep taking the action until it’s realized.

Then you will feel the joy and elation of a goal achieved which is the most rewarding felling you can ever have. I’m sure you’ve felt it and know what I mean.

This is what I want more of for you and why we are here doing this challenging and at the same time I hope, rewarding work too.

OK so take a deep breath and let us continue to take a deeper look into your philosophy and get it right.

Get it RIGHT ON, so you can get what you want that will have you go to bed at night feeling so proud of yourself for your FOCUSED, PLANNED AND COURAGEOUS EFFORTS.

To DARE to be bold and masterful for you and your family’s happiness and safety, to reach that ideal income figure that pays for everything and leaves you extra to have fun on and build your wealth.

Your Mindset & Philosophy around Influence and Sales is the Key that Unlocks the Door to your Peace, Wealth, Happiness and Freedom?

What can you do?

How can you think and what can you believe in, that will move you into action, consistent action day in and day out?

Here are some of my fundamental keys of acting and thinking that will lift, sharpen and master your mindset and philosophy to drive up your sales through the roof!

NOTE: You will see variations of these points, areas of learning, focus, training and attitude adjustments, throughout this book. Why have I done this? I have done this to show you in various forms and remind you and train you in different ways, so you really get the importance of taking on and action these most important ways of acting and being qualities. So you can succeed in life and sales, this is why!

Philosophy 2.0 Upgrade

Aim to Sharpen Up Your Mind Power

If you, me and all of us in the business of influence, communication and sales are to get the results we desire on a consistent basis. I know you probably already know it.
However let’s review it again, because repetition is the mother of skill, right!

Please get this, you must find the reason and motivation and life force to STOP abusing yourself with late nights, junk food, alcohol, drugs and too much TV and news.

All of which is done by the people who are broke, stressed and confused.

? You must get honest and real with yourself and your team.
? You must aim to lift your game of how you take care of yourself and aim to move from weak, to average, to a better, to best athletes’ game.
By this I implore you to take must better care of yourself.
? Find the ways to stop hiding out in bad foods and alcohol and clean up your life act.
? Aim, over time to get up and get healthy, get fit and eat good healthier food and your mind will be sharper and more focused on what you need to do.
? To get those new customers, take care of your existing ones and give you the energy to focus on your goals and make them a reality.

Aim to Free Your Mind of Crap and Worry

Aim to… over time to do your best and to get clear on what you need to ‘clean up’ in your personal and professional life, which as I am sure you could imagine, has a powerful affect on your philosophy because your mind is freed up of worries and just works better. As worry can weigh us you down from doing what you need to.

Freeing your mind of worry is I am sure you are aware is about taking responsibility.
We have talked about this and I’ll say it over and over, for me, for you and for everyone.

If it’s to be for you, it’s up to you!

Your Relationships

Whether you know this or not, and for some it may say sound strange, however I promise you with you and me and everyone, focusing on having better, more functional relationships with our colleagues, family and clients will have us all develop better, more function and rewarding relationships. Go figure! lol

This is a powerful place to put your focus because once you can reduce or even clear worry and mind crap, around relationship, frees you up to focus on your ability to work with passion, to influence, to love your work more and sell more!

Rules and guidelines for more successful relationships

  • Look at your relationships and see how you can make them more respectful, fun and rewarding.
  • If you’re being a grumpy, rude selfish bitch or asshole because of whatever reason, and it’s messing up your life. Find a way to grow up and stop it!
  • Stop being a victim if you’re being one. Here is the rule for greater happiness and freedom, we always must give first before we can get.
  • Listen and aim to understand the people around you more and work to focus on why they are doing what they’re are doing. Get this, and work to understand what’s going on for them and their needs and wants and what you’re doing or not doing to make the relationship work well.
  • Focus on loving your work colleagues, clients and family. Yes I know even if you feel like you hate them at times.
  • If a relationship is just not working out for you and you’ve done everything you can.
  • You may have to just find the courage to leave. Yes leave and go find and create better ones somewhere else.
  • No matter how much your fear voice tells you, you don’t have any other choices or options. Know this is a lie; you always have choices and options, especially if you live in the western world. It’s just whether you have the right tools, support, courage and motivation to make the changes.
  • Do not be held to ransom or feel responsible for anyone, if you have a sales team member that you’ve trained and supported and it’s not working out, move them to a role that is better suited to their natural style or do both yourself a favour and free them and let them go and put someone else in the role that can do the job.
  • If you’re getting great results from your team members and yourself, reward them and yourself. Keep strengthen relationships by being a good supportive, motivating person.

Ok my super person, if you’ve read this far, firstly I’m sure this is plenty to get you thinking and action today.

And secondly if you’ve committed to reading this blog post all the way, I am sure you are already very successful or well on your way. Why? Because it’s the commitment to learning, growing and developing and applying the learnings to keep you moving in the direction of your goals and dreams.

To your success,

Trevor Russell

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