Its the market, no one is spending money. What a load of BS!

‘It’s the market, no one is spending money.’ What a load of BS!

Have you heard yourself say this statement or someone you know?
‘It’s the market, no one is spending’.

And I would respond, with… really?

Whatever business you’re in, let’s determine if it’s the market or what can be somewhat confronting to discover that it’s most definitely likely, you and your team ways of thinking, being and doing that is determining your level of success in business and the ability to generate high profits, or failure!

Bitter medicine to swallow, however if you’re courageous enough to take a look, you will be pleased to hear and see that it can all change, if you’re committed to do what it takes.

Let me ask you these questions which are listed below and all you need to do is go through and tick which one’s you embrace and apply in your business. If you do them sometimes but not consistently, tick sometimes.

This Q&A is designed to provide you with a list of the most important and critical areas, if you can and will focus on and embrace over time in your business or corporation.
I am 100% clear will have you double your sales in 90 days or less.

What you will gain from doing this quick exercise is that it’s easy to complain about what seems like the reasons for our lack of success in life and business, but when we get down to it, 90% of the time, what it really comes down to people’s ability to focus on and work on and with the fundamental disciplines that bring us the results and success we want in our lives.

Business and Sales Success Diagnosis Q&A

Do you embrace a sales success philosophy by having…?    Y    N     Some

I and my team embrace good consistent, healthy eating, exercise & rest programs.

I work to delegate more menial jobs in the business so I can focus on growing the business, the sales and the results required.

I have profiled myself and team members to determine how we all are best suited to sell and where we are best places to work in our natural styles and skills.

I have a highly motivated desire to increase business cash-flow and profits.

I have a vision and share the vision of the business being successful, with goals and supporting action plans.

I have a ‘code of excellence’ written and agreed upon, with how the business and team work united as one and following rules that bring results.

We survey our clients consistently on their needs, wants, frustrations and suggestions for how we can better serve them.

We know what our clients, needs and frustrations are and we work to provide them with the solutions through our product and service offerings.

I and the team consistently work with and master a ‘sales success process’ that leads to consistent sales.

I and the team consistently train and get pushed and focus on building our communication, presenting and selling skills as a key business practice.

We have clearly defined sales targets on our sales board and track results, daily & weekly and monthly.

I and or the team are doing consistent sales calls, prospecting, presenting, follow ups, asking for re booking, inviting back in, and referrals as core business practices.

I am very focused on and consistently praising the team for work well done and I provide them with rewards, bonuses and gifts to acknowledge their good work.

I run weekly team sales meetings supporting them, pushing them and reviewing and assessing targets and results and what we are doing to keep winning.

I consistently work on business finance projections with business partners, book keeper and accountant.

I consistently work with my business adviser where we focus on what needs to be done to keep moving forward, planning and doing what it takes.

I have an active marketing plan to track marketing campaigns, to determine ROI.

I have a quality client database that tracks and measures all clients’ details and purchases.

How did you score? 5 no’s or greater would highlight poor to frustration cash flow.

So, how did you go with this exercise and what showed up for you here?
These are key areas that if focused on over time, will transform your business performance and overall sales results and lift your team and company to a whole new level success. If, that is, if you can find the focus to work them and do them over time!

Yes I know there is a lot in each area to consider and do, however can you if you focus on the key areas to achieve sales success, well will it come down to so much more than it just being, oh it’s the market. Which is what we really want to explore here right?

From asking yourself these questions, if you’re really serious about doubling your sales in 90 days or less, take some time to reflect on these questions you’ve answered.
From going through these sales success actions, any realizations show up for you?

What will be the main focus points you can take on and action from doing this exercise?

What can you do to take steps to move into a more successful direction with how you think and behave?

Where do you fill the gaps in your sales plan?

If you are going to be successful in your efforts to enroll your ideal clients into wanting to buy your products and service, you need to understand your sales pathway and determine if there are any gaps that need addressing and rectifying.

It’s also an opportunity for you to give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.
This list of successful selling areas is a powerful new learning or reminder of the priority areas that will have you win in the game of sales.

I am sure this is a help to your ongoing business and team success.

Best wishes

Trevor Russell

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