How to get over the fear of selling

How do you get over the fear of selling?

Let’s face it, for many selling and asking for the sale brings up feels of dread, doubt and in some cases sheer anxiety and fear.

For many people asking them to sell something or get up and present to a group of people and ask them to register or buy something, can bring up our most primal fears of danger and rejection which in psychological terms can be as threatening as dying.

No wonder so many people dread anything to do with selling.

When you to speak to the majority of people about what they think about doing sales, you find many variations of answers that come down to: they don’t like it, it makes them feel uncomfortable, or they have this perception of sales people are painful and pushy.

However, with a change of mindset and skills to support a positive association towards enrolling people into your products and services, (selling) creates a wonderful life changing opportunity for anyone to master the art of sales and takes it away from being a dirty four letter word, and it can be the most exciting and life changing skill you and your team can ever develop.

So please read on because as it’ my intention to share some concepts and strategies for you and your teams develop to more effectively sell within your business or corporation.

Why should you be so excited about the art of sales?

  • You have a greater ability to generate money which raises cash-flow and profits.
  • When you are in charge of your own ability to make more money, it creates a very high sense of certainty, satisfaction and happiness, which is really the underlying reason we do everything in life, which is to gain happiness.
  • Being able to talk and discuss and ask clients to buy your products and services lifts confidence and allows for you to make a difference to their lives.
  • You and your team develop a greater sense of self esteem and focus.
  • You are more results driven which creates greater momentum in your business, the team gets excited and get to experience high results and outcomes.
  • You communicate to your colleagues, family and friends in a more clear professional, mature and intentional manner. 

Oh it’s the market, no one is spending!

Have you ever said this statement or heard someone say it. I’m sure you have.

Well after you read the list of sales success principles you will quickly ascertain what makes a successful and profitable business with high sales and guess what, it has nothing to do with the market not spending.

So what are the processes, qualities and disciplines you look for and develop in yourself and your team members to build a sales focused culture within your company?

  1. Everyone must believe in the product and services being sold, the first sale always begins with us.
  2. As directors and managers it is your role to set the pace for the team, if things are not working, it will always come down to what you are not doing and how you are acting. Never blame, never complain, always work so serve, support and fix.
  3. Everyday must be set up for success, by running a team meeting (even if for 6 minutes) to set the day up for intentional sales success. This may sound hard, however a must, as this is about being successful and profitable, so make the time.
  4. As leader a vision must be created and shared and everyone live into it constantly to know what you all stand for.
  5. A code of conduct must be developed and adhered to, the rules for how you work and serve, sell and respect each other and the clients is a must!
  6. Training, training and more training is what successful people do in sales do because it has you and the team be sharp, skilled and on your game. Embrace training, invest in it and do it regularity, and it will provide you with more money than you can imagine for your efforts.
  7. As a smart leader, reward your team in every possible way to keep enthusiasm high. This can be as simple as a thank you and well done when good work has happened and anything is sold, to rewards and prizes when targets have been met.
  8. Look for team members who are healthy and have an enthusiasm and a confident aliveness about them. They have an attitude which is positive and their perspective is based on seeing the positive and possibilities in all situations.
  9. You have developed a culture which is highly organised and you have a simple but effective plan for the activities and targets the practice must achieve.
  10. You communicate with the team in a positive and results focused manner where you support each other to win at the game of business and serving the clients in the best possible manner.
  11. Everyone is extremely professional and immaculately dressed and organized.
  12. Everyone is focused on and committed to wanting to provide value to your clients and build relationships for the long term.
  13. Very good records and notes are kept on all clients.
  14. Everyone knows the clients, remembers their names and greets them by name.
  15. Everyone works as a team to support and assist each other to make appointments and following up so everyone can maximise their time and leverage themselves for maximum results. Be a team!
  16. Everyone cares about and loves your clients and is seriously concerned about their best interests.
  17. Everyone is focus on the activities which support the success of the business by making the calls, having the appointments, doing the sales consultations.
  18. When consultations are conducted following the right pathway, everyone asks for the business. I.e., ok so shall we do this? Which package stands out as your ideal choice?
  19. You and the team members support each other to maintain a strong willpower to keep going, to work hard and let success keep happening over time.

Now I get this, while all this sound very positive and helpful. There still needs to be the matter of dealing with these emotions and feelings of doubt, fear and dread when selling and asking for the business.

Well my answer to this is that in many cases it never entirely goes away, because we are humans and it’s our fundamental way of operating to have the emotion of fear to protect us from perceived threat.

Even when there is no real danger of death occurring, asking a client if they would like, for example, to buy this package over that one; this to our nervous system can be the same as standing in front of an unchained tiger.  And I know firsthand, it would definitely seem like the case at times.

However I am the barer of good news.

There are a number of powerful strategies to reduce and even eliminate this sense of fear and dread. For time sake if you are interested, here are a number of simple tools and strategies to assist with the management of these emotions to be in charge of your emotions, to be more successful in business development, confidence and sales and asking for the sale and money, day in and day out. 

1. Be Aware of Your Mindset and Manage it

By this I mean, just be aware of what your mind is telling you in thoughts of ‘you can’t do this, what if they say no, what if they don’t like me’, etc, the monkey mind of fear tells you.

Be aware these are just thoughts your brain (I call the monkey mind) gives you in the attempt to protect you from perceived danger that doesn’t really exist.

By you being aware of these fear thoughts, which can bring on the fear of anxiety and even have you sweating with your heart beating in your chest, over time you get to be more masterful of your mindset and emotions and even while you feel these feelings.

You will be able to get on with the job at hand, which is to discuss your client’s needs and ask them which products or service they wish to buy.

2. Pre-frame and Reframe your Thoughts and Feelings

Reframing your feelings is done my changing the meaning you give to the feeling of fear and the charge you get through your body. You know these feelings when you’re going to make a call to someone you don’t know, or going in to ask a client if they want to buy this product at this price.

You reframe the feelings of fear into excitement and adventure.

I personally do this myself whenever I am making a call to a client and which is going to have me ask them to do my presentation and buy into my training services.

I am now very masterful at the reframe and keep reframing myself before and when doing the call or presentation. I tell myself over and over, ‘how exciting this is going to be, what a wonderful adventure, let’s see what happens and how I can best serve this person and have them register with me, so I get to do this’.

3. Have a Sales Consultation Process

I was taught a powerful message from a mentor, Emily Diamond, in the words of Emily she said, ‘when you feel fear, it means to prepare!’
Now please, ponder this statement for a moment, because in my line of work, where ever I see clients and business focusing on preparation and masterful preparation for what is most important to their business, such as!

Taking a client through a powerful and results focused sales consultation process to end with them buying from you and spending $100s and $1000s of $$, will be one of the most important disciplines and your team can ever take the time to embrace and master.

One that cannot and should not ever, just be winged!

When you have a highly effective sales consultation process that takes your client from meeting your clinician to having them buy, a package for example sake will be so very much worth the effort.

When you have a well prepared consultation and sales process you take your clients through, it firstly will reduce feelings of fear from a 10 down to a 2 or 3 in many cases. Secondly it will have you make more money in your practice than you ever could have thought possible.

4. Take Consistent Action

Just like the top performing athlete shows up for training everyday and week, while it’s hard and challenging at times, it’s what has them become winners. The action they keep taking on a consistent basis.

This is key, just like anything we want to be masterful in life in, selling with skill, focus, passion and success, is about consistently and embracing it by doing it. By taking consistent action and following the right process in consulting, conduct and asking for the sale, is most important.

Using these strategies and constantly discussing them, training on them and refining them will be the most valuable action you and your team can make to be great at sales and love the feeling of winning and for the results everyone gets to achieve.

5. Take Care of YOU!

To be sharp in mind and results is about taking care of yourself and making sure your team are taking care of themselves. If we are to be the best in sales and influence, we need to be on the top of our game. To make sure we get good amounts of rest, eat good quality food, take consistent breaks and exercise consistently. This has you and your team perform at everyone’s peak.

And yes, I know, business is busy and stressful, life is busy and stressful. So I would like to leave you with is this message. I call it the magic of 30.

When you can improve the management of stress just by 30% your conversion rates by 30% or lift sales by 30% and team satisfaction and results by 30%. This has a compound effect on effectiveness, performance and sales results will goes into the 100s of % range.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel of your business and life, just little steps bit by bit over time even just with a 30% improvement is all areas will be powerful to you, your team and the businesses overall success.

As you can appreciate, this is just a taste for how to improve sales results and performance in your practice.

I have extensive information and training on how to have your team selling, consulting and presentation with passion and power.

All if, you are motivated to want to really improve your team and business performance, sales and profits.

I also have a very specialised consultation sales process I have refined and developed that will have your team selling with masterful and highly successful results and it would be a pleasure to discuss with training with you.

However I may be able to assist you, it would be a pleasure to discuss your business needs in detail and have you continue to create the business and life you love. 

To your super sales success,

Trevor Russell

Trevor Russell is a business strategist, mentor, sales and team trainer and professional speaker. He is highly motivated and brings out the best in business owners and teams. He has worked with over 200 businesses across many industries including the beauty industry.

He is highly experienced in peak human performance, sales, business management, marketing and finance. He specialises in business mastermind group facilitation and sales training and motivation. His intention is to have you create the business and life you love.

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By: Trevor Russell
Business Strategist, Mentor, Sales and Team Trainer, Professional Speaker


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