How to get more clients through speaking? Part 1 of 5

Hello Entrepreneur of Excellence and Sales SuperHeros,

I have had the great pleasure of working and training many people in the areas of

Empowering them and showing them how to sell with more skill and confidence… and
How to be able to get up on any stage or in front of a board room and speak to sell more clients into their respective product and service offerings.

And as I know this is such an important area for some many people both in corporate and business working environments, I am going to run a 7 part series over the coming 7 weeks to break down how you can Gain More Clients through Speaking and Selling Yourself with more skill and confidence.

So here we go… here is Part 1 of 5 where you are going to learn how to:

Get More Clients Make More Money through Speaking

Bold, disciplined, courageous, determined, does this sound like you?
Well I think it does because if you’re listening to this program, 3 percent of society who are willing to take the time and effort to listen, learn, reinforce and learn new skills and abilities to improve yourself, to continue to grow and develop.
Then it’s an absolute pleasure to have you here listening to my audio program.

How to get more clients and make more money through speaking.”

It’s my wonderful, wonderful pleasure to be able to share with you today, these tips, strategies and upgrades in your philosophy to be able to get yourself on stage or if you’re already on stage, in front of groups of people where you get to share your passion, get to change lives and make more money as a superstar speaker. I’m excited, I’ve got some great information to share with you today so let’s get straight into it.

You’re in a safe place

So you may be feeling a little bit curious, you may be feeling a little excited or even a little bit nervous at the thought of speaking, presenting yourself to groups of people or possible even just listening to this program because even just putting ourselves out there to actually look at different information, see what’s possible can be confronting, so I really congratulate you.

So my name is Trevor Russell, and I have the very fortunate pleasure to work with many people on helping them improve their speaking, presenting, and sales skill from the front of the room. It’s something that I’ve learned and it has changed my life.

I never could have imagined how wonderful it would be to actually get up and be able to lead and inspire people, share valuable information with them and actually as i will share with you a little later, be the example of what we should all be doing in business and in life especially if we really want to affect people, change lives, make a difference and be really abundant and allow ourselves to attract lots of money into our life because why?

When we have more money we actually can help more people including ourselves and our family, and I have got to tell you I haven’t had money and I have had money and I much prefer having money, I’m sure you would agree.

Who Can Do It – You Can

Who can do it? You can!! Whenever I ask you throughout this program:

  • Who can do it?
  • Who can be a great speaker?
  • Who can get up on stage, share your passion, make a difference, and make sales.

Who can do this? You said yourself Trevor; I can, that’s right.

So let’s get into what were going to cover up today and I’d like to get some agreement from you, and I’d like you to say to yourself after each of this question.

  • Do you agree to relax, smile, and breathe?
    Say, “yes Trevor”.
  • And do you agree to have lots of fun while you listen in on this audio program?
    Say “yes Trevor”.

And I want you to know that you’re in a safe space listening here with me. It’s no one else’s business, it’s just you and me, learning, reinforcing and gaining a greater understanding of how we can be more effective speakers and make a difference to people’s lives. Okay, so you’re in a safe room, say “yes Trevor”.

I want you to be involved and interact. So where I give you exercises and opportunities for you to go on practice what I share with you today, say “yes, I will do that Trevor”, say “yes Trevor”; and I want you to be willing to take this information and express your passion and go out there and be willing to speak.

Because if you’re not already in this space, once we have the skill and understanding of how to be more effective speakers that influences people, make a difference and grow and have businesses and corporations; we need to be out there doing it.

So I invite you to do that, I actually don’t invite you to do it, I direct you to do it because that is where you will really grow and develop. So say “yes Trevor”, I will go out, share my passion, express my desire to help people and I will get up and speak.

And last but not least, I want you to allow yourself to not be perfect yet.

What do I mean by that?

Not being perfect yet, means that through this journey like any journey, you are going to have to learn, grow and develop and that is going to mean a willingness to be imperfect. We all learn, and we all make some mistakes at times.

I remember the first time I got up and spoke. I did a full day program and I read from a manual all day, I mean… well go figure! I look back and think “what was I thinking”? But the thing is I didn’t know any better at the time.

So what I did do though was, I was willing to continue to move forward, learn and grow over time, and that’s what I want to support you here with and I want you to allow yourself to not be perfect yet, so say to me Trevor “I allow myself to not be perfect yet”. Yes!

What I’d like to do is to share a little bit on me very, very quickly. My journey as a business consultant, team trainer, sales trainer, speaker trainer, speaker and marketer, has been an interesting journey.

I started way back when I lived in Melbourne, I wasn’t very good at school, I had some I suppose learning difficulties and at one point in my life I just pick up a book by Maxwell Maltz.

Mr. Maltz, doctor Maltz actually, talked about setting your intention and having a vision and making a hundred percent commitment to what it is that you want to do. And at the time I decided that I wanted to work in a particular industry and I wanted to be trained by the best so I could be the best in that industry.

I focused on it and focused on it, and I didn’t let doubt into my mind and along the hall one day, someone called me, said they’ll have my resume and they wanted to interview me for a job with this particular company, which answered all my dreams and fulfilled on all what I saw in my vision.

So why do I share this story? Because I am very clear that we need to be a hundred percent clear on what our vision is and where were going, and for our work that were doing here today, I want you to be a hundred percent clear and see how you see yourself if you don’t already; on stage, whether its two people or twenty or twenty thousand, sharing your passion and making a difference because you don’t need to know how it’s going to happen.

You may have heard this before, but deciding, deciding when you don’t know how it’s going to happen is the key and this is why 97 percent don’t put the time and focus, and that’s why life just happens to them.

Well, I don’t want life to just happen to me and I don’t want life just to happen to you.
I want us to be able to create our life, to paint the beautiful picture, to see how our lives are meant to be lived. The people we’re helping, the relationships we’re having, the wealth and abundance and happiness that we continue to build and grow in our life.

What I want you to do is, I want you to spend some time writing out how you see yourself in your ideal form; up, confidently speaking, presenting, sharing your passion, what you do, how you’re going to help people, how you’re going to solve their problems, and most  importantly enrolling them into something.

We’re going to talk about this throughout this program. Enrolling them into a consultation and meeting because the key, the ultimate key to successful speaking is creating an opportunity to engage your audience and your ideal costumer to be able to be of service to them.

Because if you go and talk and do all this great job in a nice talk but you don’t take them somewhere to meet with them belly to belly, well nothing’s going to happen and were going to talk more about this. So you got to be willing to enroll them and take them somewhere where you can build a greater relationship with them.

Ok, let’s take a deep breath, put a smile on your face, and let’s continue.

Are You in the Right Room

Are you in the right room?

Are you listening to the right recording that is going to be of value and service to you?
So let me ask you, do you have the desire to be a more confident speaker and presenter?
Yes! Wonderful.

Do you have the desire to share your passion?
Yes! Very good.

Do you have the desire to want to make a difference to other people’s lives?

Would you like to build your profile of your business, your service, your company?

Would you like to attract lots more client and make a whole lot more money for you, your family and your business and your employees?

Yes! Fantastic.

Would you like to overcome fears, doubt, and trepidation?

Would you like to build a life that fulfills on your dreams?

I hope you answered “yes” to that one. Well if you answered “yes” to all those questions or even some of them, you are definitely in the right room listening to the right recording.

Because it’s my intention to share with you some fantastic tips, strategies, and philosophies to have you achieve all those objectives. And the first place I want to start is with the concept as what I shared with you is being in the 3 percent club.

What do I mean by the 3 percent club?

Well let me ask you, when you go out and you see most people speaking, you might even do it yourself, do you over notice how a lot of people they just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk; they just share facts, they’re quite boring, there’s no real connection with the audience, and very often they can be just nice talks but they don’t take them anywhere or at best they might say “if you’re interested in coming and work with me, here’s my business card, or come and see me” and that’s that. I call that the 97 percent.

The 97 percent of people that get up at events, made up groups, functions and they really have no concept or understanding of how to effectively present themselves in a way that’s going to be engaging, and connect with the audience so that they can actually make a difference, and actually gain business from it.

And that’s what I want to cover with you in this program “what are the elements that make a 3 percent speaker?”.

So let’s have a look at some of those elements right here, right now; being a 3 percent speaker. Before we do this what I want you to do is, I want you to put your left hand up and say

“I (your name) do truly and solemnly swear that I will never do the 97 percent talking anymore, and I, yes Trevor, will now become and aim to become, and pursue to become a 3 percent speaker”.

Why do I want you to be a 3 percent speaker?

Well because of what I promised in this program is for you to get more clients and make more money as a speaker, and these are the beginning fundamental steps that have you be a 3 percent speaker; and I promised by the end of these recording you will have well and truly enough information to get started on a new and exciting adventure, or even a better adventure as a current speaker in your current speaking actions and activities, to gain more clients and to make more money.

Okay, so let’s look at it. First one; be engaging. You want to be engaging.  You don’t want to be

 “Oh hello, my name is David and I’m an accountant, and we have been in the accounting industry for 432 years”.

No! You want to be able to get up and say

 “Hello let me ask you, who here hates paying tax? Who here would actually like to see more money in their bank at the end of the month? Well that’s what I do; I make a difference to people’s financial situation”.

So you want to be engaging, you want to be funny, you want to be able to build a connection, you want to be able to do business.

Most people, 97 percent, will do a wonderful job at presenting and structuring and practicing their presentation.

But what is the one element that they don’t focus on?

The enrollment section; because people don’t like to feel like they’re sales people, many people feel that they are being pushy or whatever it is that your monkey brain is telling you. But I’m going to share some strategies today about how to get around that and get a new philosophy towards having the skill to effectively enroll people in what it is that you do, and move away from fear to a place of excitement and adventure.

The 3 percenters, they’re engaging, they’re fun, they build a great connection and they’re there to do business, and that is the start of you being a 3 percent speaker.   

The Superstar Speaker Script That Actually Gets You Clients

The script that will have you get more clients and more sales than you ever have before. This is a script that I developed and found has worked so well for myself and so many clients that I have worked with; and this is a simple script that you might call your elevator pitch.

Or your 2-minute intro which is a simple yet highly effective script that a 3 percent speaker uses to have you stand out from the 97%, be different and actually engaged your audience.

I’m going to read through the example and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to read out the template for you. So then what I would like you to do is, is right this down so you can create your own introduction script, your own elevator pitch using this structure.

No one cares about you

Now, before I do this, I want to explain the psychology behind it. Firstly, whether you like it or not, no one cares about you or me. People are very busy thinking about themselves, their day, their work, their family, their life, their money, their worries and we have this thing and I hate it; that we think people are thinking about us. Are they going to judge us, they’re going to decide whether they like us or don’t like us; they’re not thinking of us. So get that out of your head.

Secondly, people; they just want to know what’s in it for them. To most people in the planet including myself at times, we want to know what’s in it for us.

We want to know how the person especially at the front of the room, if we’re at a talk, is going to make a difference to our life. So how do they do that, how do we do that? Well firstly we want to communicate to our audience in a way that has them hear that we understand their pain and their frustration, and then what we want to do is we want to present how we can be the solution to their pain and frustrations, and then how they can engage us.

Very different to have the 97 percent person, what they talk about is what they do is a service and then they say that “only if you’re interested, come and see me“. No compelling need or desire has been created.

We want to create a high need and desire for people to want to rush up and meet you and do business with you. You’ve gone to all that effort to talk and speak so we want to get you business, we want you to be able to be of service to people.

Here’s the script and I’ll use myself as an example and then I’ll go through them and give you the templates so you can create your own.

Good morning, my name is Trevor Russell.

May I ask you some questions? Wonderful, thank you.

Okay if I may ask, who here could be concerned about not having enough clients coming into their business?

Who here could be frustrated with not knowing how to improve their sales and cash flow so they can actually make their business work more effectively. Yes?

Well what I want to let you know is, you are in the right room. In my role as a sales and team trainer inspired to help people to improve their sales and speaking skills, this is what I do.

I provide you with the solutions to your fears and concerns and needs to actually be able to create more clients and improve your sales so you can run that profitable business that has you feel happier, fulfilled and sleep well at night.

How does that sound? Good, I hope. Okay, thank you, I appreciate your honesty.

Okay so, how can we possibly look at working together?

Well what I have here is my card, and what I also have here is my “5-point how I could assist you fact finder”. It’s a very simple process, all you need to do is go through and say “yes, I would I like help with improving my ability to get more clients, improve my sales, improve my confidence to speak and improve my skills to be a better at enrolling people”.

All you need to do is just take those and what I’ll do is ill get your card and I’ll get that off you, and it will be a pleasure to work with you. But before I go, what I want to share with you is I’m very busy like you and I only can work with a number of people.

I only work with people who are serious and focused and committed to really wanting to make a difference in their business and in their life. So if you are one of those people, I will give out five forms to the people that want to do work with me or even explore during work with me.

So please put your hand up now if you’re interested.

Thank you, so here’s the forms, please take those boxes, give me your card; I’ll come up and see you after the talk and I really look forward to meeting with you, to see how we might get to bring more value, more clients, and more sales into your business.

Thank you, I’m Trevor Russell.

You see the difference in that talk?

It’s about them, their pain, and how I can help them, and then I am being direct and clear. I’m willing to want to work with good people who are serious and committed, and I want to make a difference and bring value, passion, desire, focus to bring value, and being direct and straight with people.

This is the difference, and most importantly, I want to show them that I understand what their pain, needs and frustrations are, and I am committed to really wanting to bring them value and be of service to them; to fix whatever problem and issues they have in relation to my products and services. And I’m going to work very hard to have them achieve what it is that they want to achieve, and I want that passion to come out, whether it’s a 2-minute talk or 20-minute talk, or 2 hour talk; it’s not about us, it’s about them.

Everything is about them, their needs and how we can assist them. I’m also going to give you an example of another business using this type of script so you can get a different perspective, because this type of superstar speaker introduction script that has you be a 3 percent speaker can be applied to any business.

I’ve had lawyers, councilors, accountants, beauticians, naturopaths and kinesiologists use this introduction script structure. So whatever business or industry you’re in, if you’re going to get up and do a short speech; you can use this.

So here’s an example, let’s use an accountant

 “Hello, my name is David, good morning to you all. Would it be okay for me to ask you some questions this morning? Thank you, I appreciate that.

Who here could be concerned about your current financial situation?

Are your tax and your financials up to date?

Bet you could be feeling really overwhelmed with knowing how to do this or even getting it in shape, so you’re just ignoring it. Thank you, thank you for your honesty.

And who here could be time poor and really not enjoying doing their financials and doing those things like: entering data into your MYOB and really having to manage all the financial aspects of your business. Yeah, thank you I appreciate that in letting me know.

And bottom line, who here hates paying tax?

That’s right, paying all that tax out to the government when it could be actually more money in your pocket.

Thank you, what I’d like to tell you is you’re in the right room because in my role as an accountant and finance management specialist; this is what I do”.

I provide the solutions to your pain, your frustrations and your concerns; and your needs for having your finances and your money management in order.

So you have your tax paid on time, you have your BAS done on time, you have full control of your finances but actually you not having to do it; that’s what we do for you. Very good, it would be a pleasure for me to be able to talk to you, to find out how we can be of more service to you and so how can we do that?

 Well I have my card here, what I also have develop is I have seen both personally and professionally, there’s about 10 key areas that people get challenged with, with regard to getting their finances in order and keeping their accounts up to date so their stress free around money.
I have a money management fact finder document here and there’s ten questions, and if you’re interested in talking to me and finding out if we can be of service to you; I’ve got this forms and all you need to do is just go through them quickly, take the boxes that could be relevant to your needs.

Then what we can do is we can organize the time to catch up and just have a complimentary chat, go through, find out where you’re at; just see what’s possible for us to get your finances and get your accounts in order, and what we can do is we can find out what we need to do to get your money in order; have your accounts up to date, and really give you that peace of mind that I know that you would want to have.

Okay, I’ve got my forms here, as you can appreciate, I’m busy in my business as you would be in your business, so I could only work with a number of people; people that are serious about wanting to really take charge of their finances and get everything in order.

So who ever is interested, just get me a quick show of hands. Yes, thank you, I will also give out a special gift for all of you who are interested in talking to me further.

 I have here “how to move from frustration to freedom with your own budgeting”. It’s a little book that we’ve created that takes the pain out of understanding how to effectively manage your money and put a budget in place. A little gift from us to you, for taking the steps and wanting to come and talk to us further.

 It’s been my pleasure to talk with you; yes I know I’m weird, I’m an accountant and I love finance and spreadsheets, and putting things in order, but that’s the beauty of all being different.

Thank you for your time this morning, my name is David, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

According to that, David is an accountant. What you can hear is you can use the superstar script structure for whatever industry you’re in. Again the most important element here are we want to be able to communicate to our audience that we understand their pain, needs and frustrations, in relation to the products and services that we represent and then go back explaining to them how we can actually address those for them and create a compelling way for us to engaged them and have them want to come up, meets us and do business with us; and that’s why I use  the questionnaire or fact finder, or gift that creates the opportunity for some excitement, and to stand out, be different, be the 3 percent.

So now what I’d like to do is I’d like to share with you the templates script structure, so you can take this down and use it in your own business; and what I’d like to offer you is the opportunity to get a printed copy of this script structure.

If you want to email me at, I’m more than happy to email you a copy of this “introduction superstar script structure” that would help you stand out and be really different, and actually have people want to come up and meet you and do business with you.

How’s that sound?

So let’s take a look at the script structure now.

So this script for you, your 3 percent speaking script with a difference. It goes like this

 Good morning, my name is______. Would it be okay for me to ask you some questions today? Wait for a response; say “yes, thank you, wonderful”.

So could I ask you, who here could be concerned about their _____________?

Who here would like to have less _______________?

Who could be interested in gaining more ______?

Who is frustrated with just not enough?

Now you can fill in the gaps and adjust the slots but you understand what I’m doing here, I’m giving you the leading questions that have you be able to get presence to what their pain is; relevant to our production services.

Then you go on to “well, you’re in the right room, in my role as a _____, what I do is I provide the solutions to your fears and concerns, and needs for more _____.

What I have here is my card and I also have a checklist, a Q & A, a fact finder, a free book, a CD for the people that are interested in coming and meeting me and talking with me.

So if you’re really interested in finding out how we could possibly work together, so I can help you with more _______, with the services I provide. Please, let me know now, who would like this forms, this CD’s, this gifts and what I’ll do is then I could come and talk to you at the end.

Thank you, “give your name”, and that’s it.

See the difference?

Here is the thing; this script and your delivery means about being more courageous and bold because not everyone has the courage and determination to go and talk in this way.

            But let me ask you. Would you rather deal with a little bit of fear and trepidation ,and get more clients and make more sales, or let fear take over and go home and be frustrated and broke. I hope you answered yes, that you’d be willing to be more courageous and determined.

Ok! If you read this you are clearly very serious about your professional development to be able to more confidently sell with skill and be able to achieve your goals in helping more people and making the money you deserved to be paid for all your hard work.

And the good news is, I’ve got more information coming to help you build your confidence, build your determination, and your passion, and go out and do what feels scary and make it exciting. So stay with me, we got more great stuff to do.

Ill be back next week to share my Part 2 of 7 to how to get more clients from Speaking and Selling Yourself with Skill.

Thank you

Trevor Russell
Australia’s Leading Sales & Speaker Training Expert, Professional Speaker and Business coach

PS. By the way if you would like to discuss how I may be able to assist you in the area of Sales, Speaking and Professional Development, just send me email or call me and we can have a chat.

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