How good does it feel to achieve a goal?

Hi Superstar!

Have you ever set a goal? I hope so!
Well have you ever truly sat in the beautiful feeling of achieving that goal?
I also hope so!

Sales Success Article Working Women Magazine

Sales Success Article Working Women Magazine

Many people (including myself) setting goals and working hard to achieve them, to only get to the top of the mountain, IE, achieve the goal and just move onto the next.

Well as I speak to you today, it’s my goal to sit in the powerful and rewarding and satisfying energy of having achieved a goal.

Which was… become a published writer in the area of Business, Sales, Marketing, Speaking and Personal Development. And after lots of focus, work and building exceptional relationships with successful people, I have now achieved this goal. Yeah!

How to Sell with Success. With Trevor Russell

How to Sell with Success. With Trevor Russell











So what can you do to realize a goal and make it an idea into reality?
Good Question right!
Well here goes…
1. You need to decide what it is you want
2. Write it out so you can see it everyday
3. Stick with it long after the motivation has gone
4. Do not think another goal is better than this one until you’ve achieved the first goal
5. Develop a plan for what you need to do to make it a reality
6. Work the plan until it’s achieved.

This is how you achieve a goal.

I am so pleased for having developed the discipline. And for you whether it’s to increase sales, make extra money, speak with skill and write articles, get a new job or relationship.
I say you can do be and have all you desire.

The only person who will stop you are start you, is yourself!

Go get it!

Trevor Russell


Trevor Russell



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