How do you move from Failure to Success?

Hello Business Superheros,

How do you move from Failure to Success?

While confronting, once you know if and how you are failing and then how to success.
Awareness is 9 10th of the cure.

If you're serious about wanting to revolutionise the mastery of your business and life, watch this video and read on.

What is failure and what is success?

How about we get the yucky stuff out of the way first.

Possible Failures

  • Complaining all the time about your current situation
  • Wanting to be right, while everything around you is failing
  • Never asking for help or direction from people who can assist
  • No goals or vision
  • No WHY you do what you do
  • No plan of action for what you want and where you are going
  • Affraid of asking for what you want
  • Scattered attention on too many things
  • Doubting yourself and your abilities
  • Spending more money than you make
  • Addicted to alcohol and cigarettes
  • Spending too much time on time wasters, facebook etc
  • No exercise
  • Eating crappy junk food
  • Angry and abusive behaviour

Ok I think you get the point. What then are successes in our life that can have us feeling good about our business and life and the relationships we have?

Possible Successes

  • A nice to massive WHY you dare to be more, do a little more, have a little more, share a little more
  • To know what you want, you must give first, money, love, patience, respect
  • Believing in yourself more
  • Forgiving yourself and others for past wrong doings
  • Focusing on what you want
  • Going after what you want, even when you have fear emotions
  • Having some good goals and direction in life
  • Being willing to ask for help and assistance to help you find a better way to get more of what you want
  • To be patient and understanding of others and know we are all doing our best
  • To manage your money well and focus on spending less than you make
  • To be reviewing how you can make more and spend less to create profits
  • To exercise and eat good foods
  • To rest and recover and go to sleep
  • Be love the people around you, respect them and treat them with dignity

Interesting? Got you thinking? How do you rate?

Well no matter where you are, know that this is the first day of the rest of your life.
You always have a choice to start on a new path one step at a time.

I wish for you to have a wonderful life, the most wonderful you can for what is important to you!

Heres to Revolutionising your Business and Life Mastery.

Until we meet and speak, may you enjoy many good thoughts and things.

Trevor 🙂

Trevor Russell
Business Strategist, Mentor, Coach, Sales and Team Trainer, Professional Speaker






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