How do you make real sales from your elevator pitch?


Are you in business? Do you want to gain more clients and increase your sales results?

Do you go to networking or meet up group events and present your business?
And just can't figure out why you go home without anyone wanting to meet you or do business with you?

Well I used to experience that but I figured out how change all this around.

Want to have people rush up and meet you and do business with you from your 2 minute introduction pitch?
Actually gain business and sales from going to all these meet up groups?

Well if so, have a listen to this live presentation.

Enjoy this live training seminar and if you want help with getting your presentations sharp and have you gain real business from attendance of networking and meeting up groups?

Let me know it would be a pleasure to talk and discuss how I may be able to assist you.

To your success,

Trevor Russell


Phoebe Greenings – CPA – MGA Accounting Services

I met Trevor only a few short months ago and with his help I have finally taken my speaking to the next level. Having been a member of Toastmasters for many years I had always wanted to do more with  my speaking and use it to promote my business and share my message and passion with a much wider audience however I never had the confidence or knowledge of how to take it to the next level. After hearing Trevor present a short 30 second intro at a networking event I knew he was the man I needed to work with to make my dream a reality. I attended his SuperStar Speaker course and from there made the decision to work one-on-one with him. Trevor has provided me with the structure and support I needed to give me the confidence to market myself and develop an impactful presentation with the confidence and skills to ask for the audiences business as well. My goal was to do six presentations by 30 June, Trevor helped me connect with different networking groups and event organisers and I already have 6 speaking engagements booked, amazing myself that I could do it. Trevor is an amazing coach and mentor, he has given me the confidence and skills to catapult my speaking career and I would highly recommend anyone who has a desire to speak to promote their business, share their message and set the world on fire to work with Trevor Russell. Thank-you for your help and support Trevor.



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