How do you convert 90% + of your prospect to buy?


Great question right?

How do you convert all those prospects you meet and have them want to buy your products and service and go on to be happy loyal customers?

Well I have put together a very simply process, which I call my…

Consultation to Enroll Clients Success Process

It’s a systemised process for how you prepare for any sales meeting or consultation and how you conduct the consultation that works to create a high value solution for your prospect and skillful have them buy your products and services.

Here is a process and script designed for a life coach and I have made it generic so you can use and fill in the gaps to suit your own style and service.

Pre consultation preparation

– Who are you speaking / consulting to?
– Have you pre-thought about where you would like to take them?
– Do you have at least 1 hour to do this process?
– Are you feeling mentally and physically ready to follow the process?
– What are their pains, needs and concerns?
– Are you willing to go to these areas in depth?
– Do you have a check list of key questions you will ask them?
– Do you know how you can provide solutions to their pain and needs by the
products and services you provide?
– Are you prepared with your enrollment forms outlining your packages?
– Do you have a take home worksheet, Q&A etc for them?


In client consultation / presentation


Lovely to see you
I’m so pleased you have made this time
How are you feeling?
You’re in a safe room, so please relax
I am clear we are going to give you some very helpful tools today

Yours _________________________________________________________________________________

Frame up for consultation

Would you mind if I just go through how our time together today will work?

Well as you know, my name is _________________________________________________
And what I help me clients with is to move from, achieve, learn, get more _________________________________________________________________________

Today we are going to go through a process for me to find out more about you and how we can

How does that sound?

And if we can discover together the ways as to how I can best support you in these areas, we will review some ways I can work with you, train you, help you, and support you, so that you can _______________________________________________________________________

Is that ok?

Exploration of their needs and wants 

Jenny, to start this process, may I ask you a question?
It’s a very important question, so please take as long as you like in answering it. OK?

The Value
If you and I were sitting here, looking back 6 months from now, what would you most like to have improved, see or changed to feel happy with the work/training we have done together?

Thank you for sharing that, how does that feel to share that?

Possible response
I don’t really know.
Sure this is very common, how about we break it down and look at in detail.

What was it that had you want to speak with me in the first place?

And why else?

Ok so from this, if you could do this this and this, it would help you to have this this and this? Am I on the right track?

And if you could, do more of, learn how, get past, feel more, what would this be like for you?

That’s really nice to hear, and I can understand how that would make a difference to you and you, your family, your life, your business.

Would you mind if I ask you some other questions?

Your list that you specifically want to use

Here are some suggestions

-What has been going for you here here and here
-Tell me about what you liked about my presentation and what stood out for you
-What else is frustrating you that you’d like to change

Mmm… Yes I get it.

Do not heal them here

Creation of solution

From what you’ve told me Jenny is that you would like to fix, learn, get rid of, move to, change so you can have more of this this and this. Is this right?

Ok well from what you’ve told me here, may I share some ways I can work with you, train you, support you to help you get, learn, master, change these?


As I said to you earlier, what I do is help / teach / support my clients in the areas of _________________________________________________________________________
So they can have, get, move from, learn, master how to _________________________________________________________________________
From what you have told me, I feel that I can help you and this is some ways we can do this.

I have ____ ways we do this

Option 1.
Option 2.
Option 3.

From what you have told me, I feel / think the best way for us to help you would be to do this option / plan / process / training.

And the reasons I think this is, is because this is going to allow me to help you by doing ___________________________________________________________________________
So that you can ___________________________________________________________________________


How does that sound and feel to you?

The Value
And again by us helping you get that, learn that, master that, what is that going to for you?

Discussion / clear up and concerns etc

Well I am very clear Jenny from what we have discussed today that we can help you achieve, get past, learn, do, move to _________________________________________________________________________________


Shall we have a look at how we can get this process / training started for you.

As I outlined, we have these ways, packages, options.

I personally feel as I said we start here, as this will be a good start for you.

To make it easy for you, you can do this package or this package. Which one of these would work best for you?

Ok, thats good. I am very pleased to be working what you as I know we are going to help you in these areas.


Let’s tick this one off then
Just if you can fill this and this in and Ill just do a quick recording here for my notes.

(Get phone and record the session and how wonderful and brave the person is)

Jenni, as I just was saying I am very clear we are going to help you get that that and that, learn that that.

Let’s get your session time booked in right now.

Oh very important, here is my CD / check list / prep form. Can you please do this and this ____________________________________________________________________________

How you feeling?

Very good, that’s normal.

And if I may ask Jenni, what was the most important thing you got from our time together today?

Post consultation

– Congratulate yourself
– Review what you did well
– What you want to improve
– Process paperwork
– Collect money
– Set up payment plan
– Send confirmation email / text
– Put onto weekly email / text list

I hope you like this process and I am sure you can gather even by this brief script given that there is a very specific process and journey we must take our clients on to have them want to buy and invest into our products and services.

To your success,
Trevor Russell

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