Get with the Times – How to Tell Your Business Story in Animation

Hi Business Superstars,

If you go to my website home page, you will see this very cool animated video.
Done by the video marvel John GG.

The intention of this video is to share how our business services do what we do to bring value to our clients…
and guess what, it's very easy to do… and you can do it too!!

Check this video out on 'How to Tell Your Business Story' in Animation
Interview with John Gilbert Grant – Director for Clicks and Mortor

As a business owner with the intention to want to have your
business stand out, you must be different.


If you are going to really share your business story and explain how you provide solutions to your clients needs,
what better way to do this than via video.

There is a simple process to this but it is a must that you follow this formula so it keeps people engaged and want to call you or take the action you want them to take in and at the end of the video.

Why is having an animated video on your website so important?

  1. It helps take people from coming to your site to actually contact you

  2. A powerful animated video allows you to tell your business story in an interesting and entertaining manner

  3. It has you keep people looking at your site on it longer which raising your google rankings

  4. It has you stand out from your competitors and display you are adopting the latest in website technology

What do you get for your efforts?

  1. You get more enquires from people want to do business with you

  2. You life your reputation as an expert

  3. You increase your number of sales

  4. You change your website from a nice brochure to a marketing tool that creates sales

  5. You get to make more money from your website

Important points to support your business success.

What to do next?

If you contact John Gilbert Green, he will take you through this easy to do process.

I can assist you with writing a compelling script so you can tell your story that has people be engaged and involved.

If this is what you want to do with your business then reply email to me at
and Ill coach you through the scripting and business story telling process.
Then we can get John on to taking your audio file and getting the animation story together for you.
Too Easy!

Here are John Gilbert Grants details for you to contact him directly too.
72 Musgrave Ave Southport Qld, 4217, Australia
+61 1300 471 694 Mob +61 416 295598
Skype: johngg49

I hope this has been a help to you revolutionising your business and building a beautiful profitable business.

To your Super Success,

Trevor 🙂

Trevor Russell
Business Strategist, Mentor, Sales and Team Trainer
Professional Speaker and Trainer
0414 813 018



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