Do you want to become a Speaker this year?

Yes it’s 2014 and with this… could you be feeling excited?
Maybe you’ve decided to make this one… a courageous stand-out year for you?

Could this include sharing your passion…
and make the *money you want and deserve* for the fine products and services
you offer?

Through… becoming a more *skilled and confident public speaker & presenter?* 
And actually *get on stage and be doing it*?

Well… if being a confident Speaker and actually turning your speaking
into changing lives and *making a lote more sales*, is part of your dreams and plans.

I have a limited number of seats which I’ve held for my…

SuperStar Speaking Training Program
Running this Saturday the 18th of January here in the Gold Coast. til 3pm – Burleigh Heads Golf Course Training Room

At this training just some of what you will learn will include…

  • The SuperStar Speaker Structure that motivates and excites people to want to rush up and
    meet and invest in your services.
  • Here you will learn how to get speaking engagements so you can share your passion
  • How to put on your own speaking and presenting events
  • How to master your mind that will have you be excited and motivated to go and share your passion
    and sell more of your valuable products and services.

I know its short notice, however put all the mind stories aside.

If you or someone you know in business is motivated, passionate and serious
Email or call me today so we can discuss if doing this program right for you.

The training day is just $398.
I know it’s such a low price for the value you will gain.
However, I’ve done this to really help you kick start this year with excitement and success.

If you’re concerned about the money, don’t be. We can always work a plan out for you.  
Let’s just get you started.

So if you’re interested, please call me and let’s chat.

This year, let’s make you into a SuperStar Speaker that I know you can be.

Remember, Fortune Favours the Bold!

Please take a moment to see other couragous people learning how to become
SuperStar Speakers Sharing Their Passion with the World!

Complimentary SuperStar Speaker Training Video

Ok, if you're interested in doing this very simple yet highly effective
SuperStar Speaker Training

Email me today at or call me on 0414 813 018.

I really look forward to working with you and assist you in sharing your
passion and becoming a skilled and masterful speaker and presenter.

To your success,

Trevor Russell

PS. Remember, questions and discussions to work out how you can have what you want,
is how they show up. It's the mind that says I don't know how and stops there,
is attached the the person who is frustrated and looses.


Trevor Russell
Business Consultant, Sales and Speaker Trainer, Professional Speaker

M:        0414 813 018

Words of Endorsement

Trevor Russell is a colourful, charismatic public speaker, business trainer and coach who brings to life the often dreaded subject of sales and sales performance, which are so essential for the success of any business. His passion in mastering the art of sales is unquestionable.  His training skilfully introduces a new and endearing approach and strategies that have allowed numerous businesses and their staff to embrace the skill of successful sales and see their businesses grow.  Trevor knows the valuable and importance of client engagement.  His sales approach is therefore based on courtesy and respect for others and the value of understanding your clients and what is important to them as the key launch-pad to building trust and effective persuasion in client decision-making.  He brings great value to any training session, but most importantly, measurable results.
Tina Viney, CEO, Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network   

Thank you Trevor, today was the best money I've spent on myself ever! I feel that I got my mojo back after
years of being pummelled. Today I felt better and happier than I have for many years and now I know I
will make it. Great intelligent exciting people to be around. Thank you. 
Giny Grass – CEO Real Oz Software


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