Danger Danger Will Robinson – No Sales Board


Before you read this post, let me just double check and have you really consider these questions:

  • Do you sell products and services?
  • Are you directly or indirectly responsible for achieving sales / cash-flow targets to product a profitable result?
  • If you can stop for a minute and think and look around you,
    and can you see a sales board anywhere in your place of work or productivity?
  • Or can you go to a document on your computer that displays your sales targets, expected revenue and list of measurable that will show you where you need to focus and what you need to do, that will as best as possible have you achieve your ideal sales targets?

Yes? Good for you!
I’m sure you’ll already an achiever and wanting to do me and be better.
No? Well we have got to get you present to an extremely important strategy and tool that will have you increase your sales results.

It’s your sales board. And why would I be so passionately hell bent on you having and working with a sales dashboard or sales board?

Because how can you ever know what you need to be focusing on unless you can see it, track it, play with it and measure it?
Not having a sales board is like a plane taking off and the pilot saying to the passengers, ‘OK passengers,
I know we’re shooting for New York at some time, somewhere, so Ill fire her up and let’s just see how we go!’

You’d be off that plan before you could say, do you serve peanuts.
Yet this is how many businesses fly their business on a daily basis,
pretty much which a hope and a prayer.

Let’s look at the benefits of a sales board and why it’s a
must to you doubling sales in 90 days.

1. You have a clear goal that goes into your mind as to what you want to create.
2. You have a list of activities and targets under that, which goes to supporting you achieving your desired target.
3. You feel much clearer and more focused as you can see what your working on to achieve the target.
4. Even if you don’t know all the ways you’re going to achieve it, you
have a place to come, to work from and with and build on.
Because we know if you give the mind a command to find an answer
and keep asking and looking, it will show up.
5. You can also measure and monitor where your efforts are producing
better results so you can over time put more time into those activities
and move away from the less performing places.


danger will robinson
Even my girlfriend when I asked her if she had put down her total
sales results she wanted, she said no as she felt like she would be disappointed if she didn’t achieve it.
Which I know she can and would and is, but I got it was her mind
messing with her as she moves to newer heights of money making which brings up fears and doubts.

Well we got that monkey licked, and hey guess what, she lived,
no one died, no one abused her and she reached her targets, and some!

The things to remember when building and working your sales board

  • You must start it, and stay committed to it, to build it and develop it
  • Be courageous and put down the figures you want to achieve
    without knowing how it will happen
  • Keep asking yourself and your pears and coach, how can we
    make this happen
  • Mark off when you ‘re achieved results that are leading you
    there and improving on it
  • Put down your ideal no of clients and sales figures on your
    board so you focus and keep moving towards creating it and lead you down the right paths to achieve it!
  • And please, keep looking, keep knocking, enrolling, pushing,
    be patient & give it time.

I remember when I first went out on my own as a business
consultant and sales trainer, I worked out that if I could create
$6000 gross per month that would cover all my expenses and I’d be on my way.

I was scared S&%Tless when I first wrote it down, but I did it
and it took me months and month, but slowly and surely it showed up and became a reality.

Now my targets are at a new level and yes, I’m still working
towards it but, again, it’s growing and people and opportunities are showing up and I’m off to new levels of sales results now. It works my friend, if you work it!

Here’s a screen shot of my Monthly Sales Board
(names and companies disclosed for privacy)

Sales Board - Trevor Russell
Ok, if you haven’t even written it down, what is your
ideal magic sales target?

Ok now here’s the thing to consider, for you a total monthly
sales of $22,500 might not be much as you could be turning over millions, with in and out stock, etc etc. Or it could be more than you can current fathom making in monthly sales cash flow.

The most important thing is, what is your sales-board reading or going to read and how are you breaking it down to achieve it? Even if you have lots of bank spots to fill!

If this has got you thinking, which could be, hey…?
I need a sales board or I better upgrade what we have. Then complete these questions.

  • Do you have a sales board and if so how active are
    you at focusing on it?
  • If not, how do you feel about writing down your ideal sales / income figures and without even knowing how you’re going to create it?
  • Can you make sure if you have a team that you and the
    team focus and reviewing and discussing your sales board
    and target. In and get this, in a positive, solution based approach. Can you and how will you?
  • If you just don’t know how to do this and get it’s importance who can you reach out to, to help you learn and master building and running your own sales success board?

Good questions right?

Ok then, let’s take a nice deep breath, put a big smile on your
face and I will let you get on with creating your ideal sales board with your ideal sales figures you’re going to go after creating and achieving.

To your success,

Trevor Russell

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