Business Mastermind Groups is the key to your business success

If you're serious and commited and passionate about your business,
then let me ask you.

'Are you in a business mastermind group?'

Because if you're not in some type of masterminding, supporting networking group or
directors round table, you're serious about business success.

I would also stand to believe if you're not in some type of accountability group or receving
services of a coach or mentor, you'd be in struggle.

Being in a Business Mastermind Group is the key to your business success, you must be in one!

If you're interested in coming and seeing my group on the Gold Coast.

The Business Superheros, runs the first Friday of every month.

If you're interested in…

– Getting a really good motivational push, to keep going after your business vision
– Gaining valuable advice and mentorship on ‘How’ to grow your business successfully
– Being held to account on actions that will have you get your desired results, and…
– Be supported in a professional place with passionate business owners.

Then it would be my pleasure to have you come join in, as a guest to our business
mastermind group this Friday 4th of April.

We have space for 4 people, so let me know ASAP if you’d like to attend.

Video of some of the Business Superheros
click image to watch video

For your information also [fname], here is the Business Superheros gathering agenda:

1. Do your (superstar speaker) introduction – I teach you how to do this.
2. Round table, review all wins and good results for the month (no matter how small)
3. Key actions for the coming month, put questions to the group for clarity
4. Success Business Tip for the month – training by me to help you gain better results
5. Agreements of top goal to be achieved before the next meeting

Powerful Stuff!
We meet at… Audi Boardroom in Southport 6.50am for a 7am Start.
Address: 62 High Street, Southport
Parking: Drive into Audi, go to end of driveway, turn left under building and park Ok over to you now.

Need a lift, a point of focus, help, answers and a kick, to go make it happen.
Then, it will be a pleasure to have you come join us as a guest and see what we do.

If this isn't for you but you have a colleague or friend interesting in working on their business with passionate committed business builders, then please, forward this email to them.

To your success,

Trevor Russell

P.S. Did you know the wealthy, satisfied, happy and successful, find all the reasons to discuss, to be supported, pushed and mentored to be more successful. While the poor, weak and frustrated find all the reasons why they don't have time and it doesn't work.

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