Being Courageous

Hello Business Superheros

So are you being a business superhero?
Are you doing what others are too afraid to do? Calling, speaking, following up, asking for referrals?
Are you more concerned with being a good example of how business development should be done, or too busy thinking you may upset someone?

The more I look around at the people that are getting the results they want in business
and in life and achieving the sales and profits that have them feel truly fulfilled for their courageous efforts, the more I realize that playing it, SUPPOSEDLY SAFE, is actually not
safe at it.

It’s actually more dangerous to your business success than being courageous and going
out into the world consistently working to stand out, speak, lead and inspire people to work
with you and use your fine products and services.

I had the very fine pleasure to train and work with 6 courageous individuals last Friday and Saturday at my Profitable Sales Speaker 2 Day Mastery Summit, and let me tell you firstly,
there should have been 50 people lining up to attend due to the value they would have received, and secondly seeing these 6 people stepping up to past fear and learn how to speak and enroll people into what they offer as products and services, was all inspiring.

Students attending the profitable sales speaker summit

Students attending the profitable sales speaker summit

What I get is most think there is some magic formula to succeed in business, but I get that
there is no secret it at all.

Rules to being courageous

It’s figuring out who you want to present and sell your products and services too
Calling them, speaking to groups of them, enrolling them, following them up
Effectively and consistently enrolling them with skill
And unpinning this courageous work is to consistently keep your fear monkey mind in check, and don’t let it stop you from doing what feels scarey.

Because it’s all a pack of lies, designed to protect you from a perceived danger that does not exist!

Go on, go do what fears hard and scary, because this is where the gold is!

To your success,

Trevor Russell

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