Are you boring?

A bold question to ask, however an important one to ask.
Especially if you're in the business of needing to consult, sell and get up and promote your business with confidence and skill.

Is this what you do to people when you get up to speak at meet up groups? 

Be honest now, do you stand up and say something like this.

Hello my name is Tracey and Im a financial planner.
I am passionate about helping people build their wealth and protect their family.
If you would like help with your insurance and super and blah blah blah blah…
Come and see me and Ill be so happy to help you with your blab blah blah and more boring blah blah.


Do you say it just to get it over with, or do you REALLY WANT BUSINESS?

I promise you there is a very simple and much better way to present what you do to groups. 
And have them most important want to meet you, do business with you and buy from you. 

Want to know how to change yourself from Boring to Interesting and Engaging? 

Ok so first you do is:

  • Start asking more questions
  • Make it all about them and their needs 
  • Disturb them 
  • Be willing to be bold and share you passion 
  • Ask them to do something, registered, do a Q&A, buy!

If you want to change your consulting, speaking and selling skills from the above to this!

Then slap yourself around the face a few times, wake up and come and invest some of your time and money and learn a better way.

If you're serious about your business and making money
this skill is a 'must' and is easy and fun to master once you know the formula. 

Register TODAY – for this Saturday 
SuperStar Speaker & Presenter Mastery Workshop

Date:                 Saturday 21st, September 2013
Time:                 9:30am to 1:30pm
Venue               Training Room, Burleigh Heads 
Registration:   $298    
(we will work out how many sales you need to make this investment back)

Trevor Russell 

Business Consultant, Mentor, Sales and Team Trainer, Professional Speaker 

P.S. The magic of life doesn't exist in the day to day things that are easy for you to do. 
They live in the places where its challenging and brings up your fear. This is where true life lives! 


Kind words of endorsement
Thank you Trevor, today was the best money I've spent on myself ever! I feel that I got my mojo back after
years of being pummelled. Today I felt better and happier than I have for many years and now I know I
will make it. Great intelligent exciting people to be around. Thank you. 
Giny Grass – CEO Real Oz Software

Trevor delivered…most workshops hit you with theory…Trevor had amateurs behaving like
masters I got inspired…thanks Trevor
Tony Dehn

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