4 Stages to Sales and Speaking Success

Hi Superstar,

Do you want to know the 4 simple sales to sales and speaking success?
It would be helpful right if you’re in the business of selling stuff and wanting to be a success by makings lots of good sales and making the money that has you achieve targets and has you feel free and alive for your good work?

Well here is a simple diagram you can print out and review so every time you ever think there is not enough people to sell to or the market is too quiet and all the other stuff you could be telling yourself why you’re not succeeding.

The 4 Stages To Sales Success

The 4 Stages To Sales Success

Simply, as you can see here in this simple yet highly effective 4 Stage Pathway to Sales Success.

By 1. Inquiring – Which is to go to where your ideal clients are and call and register for example to a network or meeting up group in this example, and show up!

By 2. Speak – Which is to go talk to people and know how to effectively engage them into a catch up meeting to see how you can help them with your products and services.

Or to even be so bold and have booked yourself as a speaker from the front of room to really affect more people and provide value and ways they can meet and do business with you.
Creating high high value!!

By 3. Follow up – Which is to actually call and book them in and do what is required to make a meeting happen. and know how to consult with them that actually leads to the chance to do business with them by the high value you create for them.

By 4. Enrolling – By knowing how to actually take them on a journey to want to do business with you and ask and get confirmation from them to get them started.

Now as I am hoping you can see, if you don’t do all of these steps, or any of them.
You know what you get? 0!! that’s right.

If you meet but don’t follow up, you get 0.

If you follow up but don’t enroll, you get 0.

However! If you do all 4 steps, you get what? EVERYTHING!!

Why? Because this is the game that only a handful of professionals play. About 3%.

So which group do you want to be in?

Now if you really want to improve your sales and speaking results this year.

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To your success,

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