Are you a business owner, sales professional, consultant, director, CEO, and someone with a goal to…?

  • Get excited and motivated again,and grow your clients base, sales revenue, team performance, profits and see a more compelling future?
  • Improve productivity, a plan for achieving your ideal goals and targets?
  • Get clarity and a strategy for how to really sell and market your products and services with skills and a strategy that achieve results?
  • Sharpen the saw, with a new and clear plan and to unit with partners, colleagues and team members alike?
  • And most importantly learn and master the modern how to grow your clients and sales using the latest in marketing and sales principles?

When was the last time you were…

Really excited about your business, its sales, your team performance, its profits and prospects for a compelling future?
In awe of you and your team’s sense of connection, productivity, supported by a clear determination to exceed sales targets and a high desire for high productivity?
Clear on the sales, consultation and speaking presentations you conduct to be producing the level of influence and sales results that has business work profitably?
Thinking, business is going well, however it would be helpful to sharpen the saw, with focused KPIs, grow strategy, team unity and performance and motivation?

Let’s go on a journey together, uncover what makes your business work

If you’re reading this introduction, congratulations, it means, you’re looking to make changes and improvements. I know you’re busy, so I’ll keep it to the point.

I can confidently say I’ll have you win in your business, by having you get results, performance and the outcomes you desire.

My speciality is bringing order and structure to business and teams. I am very passionate and excited about embracing the most affordable, easy to implement, results driven business strategy, marketing and sales related activities, that has your business and company build your wealth.

Providing you with easy to implement, results focused, business strategy, mentoring, training services… that has you make money!

You get to clear up any mess, chaos and problems, develop a clear business strategy and plan of action that works to support you getting what you want from your business.

My name is Trevor Russell and I get my client’s measurable results. It’s me and my teams role to work with you as a Business Owner, CEO, Managing Director and your teams, to have your corporation or business work, efficiently and profitability.



Services Producing Successful Measurable Results

Business Performance Consulting, Mentoring and Training so your business marketing, sales and team work in a highly rewarding, satisfying and profitable manner.
Sales and Presenting Coaching and Training, so you gain the most effective results, from your presentations that has you selling Massive amounts of products and services.
Careful review of your financial structure, business budgeting, cash-flow projections and targets and other KPIs that has your business planned and measured for success and profits.
Training your psychology to have you master the confidence and creative skills to be able to have you do what will make you a success in influence, negotiation and sales skills to have your business strong in cash-flow and profitability.

If you’re going to Create the Business and Life you Love in these new Economic Times, it is imperative you work with people, who’s only mission is that you win.

For me personally, my mantra is, to always work To Be the Example.
By this I mean, what it takes To Be The Example to other people in business, with how you Bring Your Own Magic and Personality to what they need to be doing, acting and what they need to be achieving. How you need to be creating mutually beneficial relationships, selling products and services, speaking and presenting for maximum results and profits.



If you’re here reading this, on a search for better answers, business results, team performance, growth, increased sales and just good direction and support. Wonderful! Well then, you have an important decision to make! Use me, use anyone good and most important pick and use someone.
Your business is too important to leave to maybes. Like a superior football team, it’s about great leadership, mentorship and being pushed to be the best.

Choose a great leader to support you as a committed leader to WIN at the game of business! I say let’s go for it, to be Better, Faster, Stronger!








Trevor Russell, Committed Passionate Saviour to the Business World!

In the words of my introducer at events and workshops.

Trevor is a highly skilled and experienced business strategist, mentor, sales and team trainer, motivator author and professional speaker and keynote presenter.

He is highly motivated and brings out the best out in business owners, directors and CEO and their teams.
With the intention to achieve measurable attainable results, he has worked with over 200 businesses across many industries and is highly experienced in peak human performance, business change management, business planning, sales strategy and systemisation, marketing, finance and a high energy, fun and focused person.

He loves and is inspired by building high quality relationships, enrolment and sales and his intention is to ‘be the example’ to others to be their best for what they need to do to win and to be unreasonable in their attainment of their goals and vision. This all shows through when you meet him.

  • Dare to be the example and go after what you truly want to be, do and have in business and life.
  • Live with the intention for how you do anyhing, is how you do everything.
  • Bring your own unique magic to everything you do.

He has worked in the corporate world and in his own business. He knows first-hand what it’s about to push through, with the objective to maximize performance and productively, relationships, improve cash-flow, profitability and have fun along the journey.

As a successful marketing executive, business owner, coach, public speaker and facilitator, in his 18 year professional business career, provides Trevor with extensive business experience that allows him to provide massive value to you and your business success.

His career spans from working in marketing, sales and management roles for companies including Rydges Hotel Group, Village Roadshow, Ozemail Internet, Ogilvy Mather Advertising, IIR Group, ACP and Xpedite Telecommunication Systems. To going on to establishing his own successful finance broking and education business, which I successfully and profitability ran for over 9 years.

To support his commitment and skill set here is an outline of some of his education:

  • Masters of Marketing, Macquarie University, UTS Sydney
  • Advanced Diploma Marketing Management North Sydney Institute of Technology
  • Advanced Certificate Direct Marketing Direct Marketing Association of Australia
  • Certificate IV Finance Services AAMC Training Group
  • Certificate IV Workplace Training & Assessment Executive Institute Management
  • Tier 1 PS 146 in General Financial Services from Kings International College
  • Advance Certificate in NLP
  • Certified crisis counsellor Life Line Australia

His passions and areas of professional specialty skills include:

  • Professional speaker and trainer
  • Strategic sales and development and training
  • Change management within business
  • Team & leadership training and motivation
  • Mentoring and accountability
  • Peak performance mindset training
  • Finance and investment strategy
  • Facilitatation and mastermind processing

Trevor’s enthusiasm combined with his great sense of humour gives him the ability to create the motivation and focus to have people take the right action to help them achieve their goals.

You will not find a business strategist, coach and trainer that will provide you with more fun and energy while you embrace the best in learning’s and integration of these new ways of doing business, as new skills to have you and your team aim to be your best!

He is a gifted communicator and will add tremendous value to the lives he touches.

How To Be Paid Your Worth in New Economic Times

A book that outlines easy and simple ways of thinking, being and acting that has you be the best in these exciting times of changing business.
How to achieve high performance, high sales, high profits and gain superior joy and satisfaction from your work and your life.

In addition to creating better and longer lasting function and fun relationships.
Trevor speaks at many events and has trained many companies and individuals over his 20 years in event management, marketing, sales, finance, training and counselling work.



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